How will hacking be handled in Evolve?

For anyone who has ever played Infestation aka War Z, you know just how out of hand hacking can get. I’ll admit, I myself got so tired of it I ended up loading up some hacks and using them for a short time, mostly the one where it highlights players and objects whether or not they are behind something like a building lets say.

The amount of other people I was able to detect using the same cheat was astounding and alarmingly obvious with the help of the hack. I would hide in a building or behind something and you can just tell by the way the other guy was acting he knew I was there and made his way over to me from basically across the map. Of course war z has a reputation for a horrible community and is rampant with hackers but in most cases when you thought someone was hacking in that game you were probably right.

I’m very certain they’ve put a fix on said subject. Very certain.

Oh how little you truly know.

Mate, you have absolutely no idea. But okay.

Oh sure, continue to think this game is “clean” – the only people who play top tier (Silver 3+ and Golds) are pretty much all hackers.

Do feel free to report those people who you think are hackers. Send a ticket to 2K support and they’ll ban them.
Most of the Silver 3+ are actually ESL players.

@ToiletWraith DamJess is not a dev, Care to stop playing public defender? My biggest concern for Evolve was the hacks and hacking there be. This is just simply a fact not a mere assumption. Too many factors exist which have spelled this game’s demise. I’m one of its biggest fans now transformed into doomsayer. Take it how you like, this game’s fan base is turning against it each and every day. The painfully slow turn around on patches, adjustments, and content updates; the terrible match matching; the continuous questionable designed choices from the dev team (Arena Mode in Skrimish, what?); and the uncontrolled and unpunished cheats/hacks/and 3rd party software users – are all major factors here. Let’s not forget the terrible price of the game and how the devs constantly gloat and pat themselves on the back during every livestream has gotten way too old. So what? Why do you even want to spend your time playing public defender to this? Why?

You don’t have to play the game if its turning into something you like, and the quote I took was from the bug fixes on the recent patch notes. I’m just saying they implemented a feature and you’re saying I know absolutely nothing, there’s no need to jump down my throat. But I’ll leave you to your ignorant ranting if that makes you happy. I was just trying to “help”.



Oh wow, I must be a hacker then, thanks for the shocking revelation sadpanda

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@DamJess Is a Dev, actually

I’ve only run into one hacker (that I know of) during my playtime, and judging from most posts in the Evolve Anonymous thread (lots of complaints, but next to no mention of hackers/cheaters, if I recall correctly) it doesn’t seem like hacking is anything resembling a widespread problem for the game, or responsible for the games ‘death’. Especially since most of the complaint topics don’t mention hacking at all

Also, I think the real hack is the revival of the thread, the Laz device can’t normally Rez things that have been dead so long


I have not run into a single hacker while playing evolve. Maybe you are just calling everyone that beats you a hacker.

No one has beaten me in a long, long time.

Explain exactly what types of hacks you are encountering then. If you would actually say what these “hackers” you are running into are doing, it would make more sense.

Oh number of things. Most popular of course if the Trapper who automatically homes in on me – sort of like having a built in Daisy, even though they aren’t playing Daisy. Now understand I’ve played a long time, I adjust to strats quickly. So yeah, I’m now pretty used to hacker-trappers who do this. Often times they tend to get over zealous and get too far of distance from their team, mainly because they also have booster/jump hacks so they move too fast for the non-hackers on their team to keep up. Does this mean this wins them games? No, I kill these fools pretty easy, I’m just really tired of them. I can see how other monsters not a good as me could get annoyed with this.

Also, teleporting. It’s a thing.I’ve seen a lot of medics, previously inside the done, teleport outside of the dome. Then wait for me to switch targets, then teleport back inside the dome. Yeah. That happens too.

Last night I was playing a skirmish game, and came across a player that for the first time I thought “he hacked the game some how”… The player was using Abe on my team, and right off the drop ship was using the tracking gun like crazy, shoot everything is sight… Rock,tress, hunters the ground and sky, and yes the occasonal wildlife… The reason I thought he may have hacked, he never once reloAded his pistol and fired at least 30 darts in rapid fire… First time I ever seen it, or anything I had to question

For one thing, I seriously doubt that those trappers are hacking, and are just really good trackers. I also doubt that you run into so many hackers, since there are barely any reports of hackers in the forums.

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That doesnt sound like hacks at all, if he was shooting the sky too. Just seems like random shooting. If you’re saying that he was shooting as falling from the dropship, thats a glitch thats happened to me too sometimes. You can use your jetpack and abilities as falling.

Saying shit like this undermines anything else you say, you know.
You might have valid points in this thread which I’m reading from bottom to top atm, but I will probably ignore everything you say now


30 darts in a clip, that’s got to be a hack… His gameplay was just stupid, he was obviously just shooting to show off his huge clips of darts

You’re just bad, that’s all. Watch Black_Aegis stream on Twitch every sunday and you will see most of the people you flag as “Cheaters” in there. Maybe you should stick with Skirmish or lose enough so you can play with the “non hackers” in bronze