How will hacking be handled in Evolve?

Don’t get the subject wrong, Titan Fall is far from actually dead. In many ways it’s been a pretty solid success. During ES 2013 Titanfall gathered many of the exact same awards that Evolve did in 2014. Taking note of that – the buzz level and public interest for Evolve is a bit lower than that of Titanfall. Does this suggest that Evolve is not everyone’s kind of game? Maybe. In fact because people are so diverse there are too many factors to count which influence public interest – so I’ll just focus on one of them for now.

I’m worried. I put my money on Titanfall because I wanted something. I wanted the game that was advertised and I played the game that was advertised. The company nothing I got exactly what I paid for. BUT – I forgot something very important – a lot of other people bought it too.

Sure AAA developers / publishers want to sell games. They want to sell them to as many people as possible. Well and god but these games often come with poor match-making systems and hackers – the biggest and most difficult issues with games of this genre. Let’s cut to the nitty-gritty facts here: Evolve will have Hackers and lots of them. So curve your enthusiasm because they are going to spoil this game. Hackers will reek utter havoc in this game in the first several weeks of its release and only get progressively worse. This is what spoiled Titanfall for me. Too many hackers.

Sure they promised to move them around to different servers or what-not, but that really hasn’t stopped them from popping up. People play thee games online and that is what is really starting to bug me so much – all of this hard push for Multiplayer has changed the face of the gaming landscape. Developers still make games for normal people without hackers in mind but low and behold hackers pop right in every single time.

I’m tired of it. Really I am.

Every big release, every year, for the past 10+ years was good for maybe a 3 Days at release. Testing periods were always fun and interesting because no hackers existed yet as many of the testers spent their time making and developing the hacks during Open Beta periods. But the moment release days hits (a day lots of Hack Developers strive to meet for the demand) – the game begins it’s steady fall into ruin. Sure you can still have fun with it but the whole experience and atmosphere feels soiled.

So I’m looking forward to Evolve, I’d love Evolve – but serious what’s the big scheme to handle Hackers this time? I really need to know more because I’ve heard N O T H I N G about it so far. Hacking a huge issues these days and it really needs to be addressed, shared, and discussed a great deal. Launch Day hacks will be live and ready. We can Alpha/Beta/Stress Test all you want and the game will feel fine and dandy and the world will be full of roses and dandylions – but that’s not going to change the fact that Evolve is going to open up to a hack-invested Multiplayer public.

Please, let us know a lot more about your plans on hacking. No game is Hack-Proof. I’m not asking to have a game Hack-Proof… personally I’d love one but that’s beside the point. And don’t sweep around and say “buy it on a console, there are no hacks on a console” because that’s sticking a huge middle finger up to all PC Gamers. But that wouldn’t be the first time developers care less about PC players.

Really there are 3 issues stemming from the hacking controversy. 1. There are people obviously hacking. 2. There are people hacking discretely. 3. People think legitimate players are hacking.

Problem 1 is usually handled reasonably well by all major games. They are easy to spot and are usually banned fairly early on with things like VaC and FairFight, and while you may occasionally see some of these players, its typically infrequent and they only really cause serious issues in free to play games where banned players can simply create new accounts.

Problem 2 Is by far more common then obvious hackers, and devs struggle and are fairly inadequate at catching, but I think it is only really a problem in competitive play. Because if someone is still performing similarly to everyone else while hacking, which would be required to be discrete, then he isn’t really causing problems in casual play. The problem comes in competition where the legitimacy of the competition is threatened by competitors that are discretely hacking. This is solved at the highest level with championships being held at LANs where hacking would be impossible; but this is still the real problem leading up to the LAN, lower skill brackets, and games without the sponsors to financially support LANs.

Problem 3 I think is the largest problem in PC gaming. So many people are so quick to think that someone playing better then them is hacking. I have talked to several people that have hacked in a shooter, and their number 1 reason for hacking is because they think hacking is prevalent. The devs can help minimize this a little by having a good matchmaking system that minimizes player’s contact with people significantly more skilled then them, after all, if you are getting destroyed by someone way better then you, does it effect your level of enjoyment whether they are hacking or legit? Its really a bad experience either way. But mainly the mindset of the community needs to change and we need to be less ready to jump to the assumption that someone is hacking.


I know hackers will be a problem (love to be proven wrong here), but I’m not sure the type of hacking in most twitch shooters will make a difference in this game other than maybe wall hacks. Aimbots will be helpful, but they can’t fix spread and you aren’t going to be killing any monsters within 2 seconds of spotting them. My biggest worries are actually glitches people will find such as going into walls

well on consoles many games had problems with “lag switching.” in gears of war 2 it didnt show up until about 6 months into the game and they would lag switch at the start of the game and be the only ones in the game while everyone else looked like they were stuck loading. then theyd kill everyone and the game would end. Epic seemed to fix that pretty fast tho.

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Well, after launch, I will still be on here reporting any possible glitches I find. Idk if I’ll detect hackers and I don’t want to assume anything while playing


I think what killed titanfall was lack of content. if your going to put so little into the game then make the xp very small so people can keep playing longer. I think most people were final rank everything unlocked in two weeks of playing. now its a game you play for a little bit then move on to your other games. and so far evolve has seen what happens and has tons of content coming out so thats a good sign.

Titanfall is far from dead…The game is still played and highly populated. Not sure what you are referring to in regards to lac of content either. The game shipped with 15 maps (which is a very large number compared to other titles) and mulitple game modes.

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And there are more game modes and maps coming out on the way!

I’ve been hearing that they’ve updated it quite a lot, I just haven’t been on it in a while is all! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh its not dead dead. but its not the next big thing everyone was raving about. Id even say the only reason it still has a decent amount players is because there is still nothing out for next-gen. I just know alot of people I talked to and many forums and comments were disappointed in the games delivery. and i watched alot of streams there is not alot of content. My mech warrior background was disappointed. how can a 15+ year old game have 4x as many “titans” than a 2k14 next gen title? and then they had so few guns! did no one in the studio ever play gundam, mech warrior, armored core or even metal gear solid? It was sooo disappointing. even the mechs they have are way to similar. and wth was the point of the bots? ill take more guns/ mechs over random ai any day.

I will say this though. the gameplay was indeed fun for the first week of playing.

I think you are trying to make the game out to be something it’s not. They were not trying to push the limits with how many Titans could be in a match at once. The games purpose was to create a competition between the Titans and Supersoldiers. What you are describing would be a cluster of Titans everywhere and you would get no enjoyment of taking them down.

Until we hear about more content for Evolve, I would argue that currently Titanfall has more content. Obviously I am more excited for Evolve, but I still have love for Titanfall and have put quite a bit of time into it.

Over hype is such a big thing in the industry. No game that is as hyped as Titanfall was, could possibly live up to it. Also, the hallmark of newer games is less content. It is nothing surprising that there are less mechs in titanfall then in past games. Content is more expensive to make now, so there is less content. How many modern games can you get the hours out of that you could an old NES or SNES game? not many. I do agree that the mechs were too similar, and really the differences were rather uninspired. A fast mech that can take less damage and a slow mech that can take more damage, the game was supposed to a breath of fresh air and the titan classes are about as old and over used a concept as you can have. Also, while it may be alive on consoles, it appears to have serious population issues on PC.

No not even that. I want a cluster of titans to choose from. when its my time to call my titan I want everyone to know thats my titan and no one elses. The super soldier thing is fine although id like more defenses against them climbing all over me. I just don’t think the ai was needed. 10v10 or 15v15 on decent sized maps and the players doing well get their titans first. then it trinkles down so everyone gets their titan at least once or twice. lastly I don’t want to unlock everything in the first week. I swear i watched people lose terribly and did bad in game and still leveled up 3 times in one match.

Just so you guys know, this is not a topic about Titanfall being dead or not being dead… Please try to limit your discussion in that department. The discussion is about hacking and how there has been no real information about how Evolve will handle hacking.

Already the possibilities are pretty intense. Currently the game depends on certain features to track down monsters and hunters. The first hacks I imagine that people want will be Wall Hacks / ESP. Such a hack will allow you to see everything on the field – all NPCs, all creatures, constantly track the monsters, constantly track hunters, etc etc. You’ll be able to see the whole map and everything in it – which immediately will spoil the core of the entire game.

Hacks may threaten to be more harmful to this game than any twitch shooter. Why? Games are smaller, tighter, and if one or more people hack then it’s no fun at all. Especially if they got weapon hacks which make them deal more damage to a beast than normal – or with that in mind, do more damage to hunters.

Atavax – Want to add something new to the discussion? You just copied and pasted your post from the your Hack thread. I’m not trying to revive that thread in this one.

Furthermore, why is HACKING in EVOLVE considered OFF TOPIC?

That’s very much a concern for the Gameplay Discussion. Just because I put Titanfall in the Topic Title doesn’t make this an off-topic discussion.

Because you called it What killed titan fall? maybe if it was titled fear of hackers then it coulda been.

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Calm yourself, Temperhoof. No one personally wronged you, just calm down.

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Temperhoof is correct, while his Topic title does look like an off topic title, his argument that he is bringing to the table is very relevant to Evolve and I too would like to hear what measures TRS has implemented or will implement to prevent hackers. Personally, if hacking does become a problem, I’ll just do custom battles with trusted friends and forum members. That is really the only way to avoid that sh*t

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Then I suppose it was very wrong of me to title that. Silly me.

But still, does anyone else want to hear about how Hacking will be handled in Evolve? I think a lot of people should be much more concerned. But I can also understand why people aren’t We tend to forget that hacking exists a lot of the time, I know I do when I look at new and interesting games. This is because I try very hard to forget about it – the very thought of it tends to depress me. So before I get all excited about Evolve, I’d be interested in knowing everyone’s concerns on this subject.

Please share!

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@Brandini – Didn’t the developers say you couldn’t play with friends because how easily you can cheat? Or did I misread that?