How will DLCs work exactly?


So I ordered the Monster Race edition, but I was wondering how the DLCs will actually work in comparison to normal playthrough.

For example the 4th monster, if I didn’t have the DLC would I not be able to play it all nor unlock it through Wraith like Kraken unlocks the Wraith? Same goes for the hunter DLCs. I am covered for quite some time so I don’t worry too much, but just wondering how DLCs actually work in this game.


Nope, unless they change something down the line, DLC monsters/hunters can only be bought.


You wouldn’t be able to play AS it but you could play AGAINST it. you can even set bots to it without owning it.

For more info, lots of DCL questions like this are being redirected to this thread:

Feel free to continue discussion there!



Slight correction. Once a new DLC Monster or Hunter is released, you can still fight alongside or with them. If you are doing a custom game with bots, you can choose them as your opponent/allies. You can also ‘try them out’ by having bots only and then taking them over. However, I don’t believe you can do that as a Monster.