How well will the forums receive fan-made ideas?


As release date almost closes, and inevitably the community will grow, so will the forum usage. Many online multiplayer games like Evolve frown upon fan created ideas being posted on the forums all the time (like League of Legends and SMITE) However, it’s also something very fun and great way to show fanaticism and express artistic ideas. Will there be a megathread for them, or no restrictions, or not allowed at all?


There’s already a megathread, and hopefully it’ll stay like that. Alternatively they could make a new category for fan creations, which would also be cool. As long as the endless ( let’s be honest ) terrible character ideas and gamemode ideas and whatnot have a containment area, everyone’s happy.

edit - to clarify, when I said " category for fan creations", I meant a specific thing for " ideas ", not stuff like fanart or whathaveyou.


Theres a couple mega threads.


I was not aware these already existed, I appreciate it!


Yeah no problem.