How well is Evolve's status currently? Success or Failiure?


I need to know. We need to know.

I already plan on buying friends 2 copies of monster edition, but I don’t think it will be enough.


I feel it’s a success. Plenty of things that need little tweaks. The beta was an improvement over the alpha as I’m the full game will be over the beta.


I hope your right…

Hell, I wouldn’t mind seeing an Evolve2


With as much DLC as Evolve is getting, I don’t want an Evolve 2 for a LOOONG time.


True, but I hope it isn’t the end.


People are going to buy it. People are just hating on it because they’ve witnessed what hype will lead them into. They’re just trying to hype themselves down so they can get a game they aren’t dissapointed in. I personally see this as one of the hottest titles this year.


Im buying for pc and xbox one


I get the feeling that after launch, when everyone sees all the positive atmosphere we will have a large influx of new guys. After all, the proof is in the pudding. But sometimes people delude themselves into believing that the pudding is shite. I mean, they’ve been sold so much shite pudding before, and they think that the cherries are too strong and cancel out the cream, but the chocolate negates that.


Personally I picked up 4 games last year. Of the 4, one was what I expected, two were very disappointing, and one was an unexpected treasure, so I can kind of sympathize with people who are being cautious.

On the other hand, I like the fact that unlike another over-hyped game beginning with the letter “D”, TRS has tried to represent their game as honestly as they could. I have looked at the streams and videos of the Beta and Alpha trials, and I am not seeing anything in those videos that make me believe that things will wind up not being in the final release of the game.

I am hopeful that they succeed, if for no other reason than their honesty in advertising.


I’m guessing Destiny was a disappointment? What was the one you expected, and the unexpected treasure? Last year SUCKED for me in terms of gaming.


The four games were as follows:

Destiny - a HUGE disappointment
Borderlands, the Pre-Sequel - an unexpected disappointment, though not in the same proportions as Destiny
Sims 4 - Pretty much exactly what I expected, and a good game (in my opinion, of course)
Reckoning, the Kingdom of Amalur (I might be remembering the name wrong) - granted it is an older game, but Holy GOD is that game fantastic!

Oh, and Skylanders too. But I expected to enjoy that one. So, 5 games last year. (And no, I don’t tend to buy a lot of games…)


Considering the Alpha’s and Beta’s phases, the product they showcased to us was nothing short of a full and stable game to me! Plus the launch was on schedule and free of servers instability and problems, which seems to haunt every new major multiplayer game now a days (Simcity,Diable,Halo cough cough)

As for the future, with all the content arriving some months later … I think its safe to say its a Success.


That’s a nice theory and all, but I’d sort of like to see a projected chart by 2k/TRS


I would really like some official word on how they think sales are gonna go. Because i’m a ps4 player and I’ve spent the last three days arguing on multiple subreddits about the game.

The negativity is strong, very strong. I fear ill buy the game and it will be dead within a month, and I love the game, the beta is the most fun I’ve had in a very long time.


I’m doing my damnedest to save it, but people are too stubborn.

TRS, we need help and fast.

We need someone that multiple people agree with and follow.