How was Hank's shield changed?


When I was playing Hank and shielding someone, person got only half of his health bar covered in shield.

I have dug through patch notes, but haven’t find anything about it.

Is it a bug or wanted change ? How does it works?


It’s the UI that changed

You’re still shielding the same amount it just shows less because that’s how much Hank is actually shielding.


ah tHANKs ^.^
I believe his capacity was changed too right? Because entire shield dissapears after 1 ability.


Still blocks one full rock throw, and that’s all that matters :slight_smile:


Which is why you always slap Hank in his dumb bearded face before using your precious Rock Throw on the Medic.


Noooo leave me alone so I can shield everything and keep everyone alive.


Hank’s shield stops 730 damage

Rock throw does ~730
Other powers are on the 600-700 damage range, so it will stop one, as it did before, and reduce the next one a small amount, as before, but now it actually looks as weak as it has always been


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