How TRS will make money and why


The silver coin system I saw is the major factor in the game and may be a purchase in the future for dilutive content AKA (hunters,monsters,skins,homo bucket action) etc. I thought this may be as the system for getting coins can be fair/random and is somewhat slow for a f2p whom doesn’t have every character in the game as of now

This is not a bad system for trs to simply remove but if we are going to get free content this may be the way they may make money, so they can support us in the future of evolve with Maps,Characters,And Homo Bucket Action

Tell me what you guys think


This was actually already said in a previous thread by @THISaint. Not really how they are but that they are still making money


Yes, they will/are.
The future is looking good too if Evolve can hold a steady playerbase with the amount of attention the game is getting.

Why will they make money? Because it’s a business silly lol :stuck_out_tongue: