How TRS thought of Tier 5 Monster? [NO NEW INFO]

Usually just watch re-runs of shows or movies I watched in the past or find a new movie in Netflix and came across this, and thought, "Does TRS think on their own of creating a monster or do they look around to get ideas to create a monster?
I just love when Turtle Rock releases a new DLC Hunter/Monster especially the monster. I can’t wait for the monster to release! :smile:

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“So thats what this is about, Huge Spiders” - TRS laughing at this thread…

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Spidy OP, please nerf.

TRS pls why u laugh at me thread!? :disappointed:
Been actually wanting a Spider Monster as well

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Looks like Hyde is going to be in enjoy meltin’ faces a new monster’s face

You (hopefully) will only have to wait 2 more months. Perhaps even less.