How to use Orbital Barrage


So I decided to make a quick video on how to use a Orbital Barrage in few situations. I have seen so many supports fail their orbital barrage all the time or just ignoring it for the whole match… So I decided to make a video of few ways how you can use barrage efficiently in certain situations. If you got any new ideas let me know! I know atleast a few more, but hope you got something out of this video. Click here to watch the video on youtube.

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…why is bucket on the title screen?


Yeah, I saw the same mistake there now :stuck_out_tongue: it’s kind of silly… let me change that one., thanks for letting me know tho


You left out stealthing up to a monster and dropping one while he’s eating :smiley:


If you quit back to main menu the last hunter you played often is on the title


I meant the title card for the video he posted :stuck_out_tongue:


The part when monster fleed? He wasn’t eating was beating me and the other player… :stuck_out_tongue: as you can see that in the monsters armor, didn’t gain any armor. Or what part do you mean?


Yeah, it’s my bad there are just no good pictures out there of Hank :stuck_out_tongue: I still think everyone gets the point tho…


Oh I mean another useful way to use orbital barrage is to stealth up on a eating monster and give him a wake up call.


Ah, that’s a great idea :slight_smile: so the monster is really not ready to try to flee… I like the idea, thanks!


There is the link now working, there was some problem with the video being here… So there is the link to the video now :slight_smile:


I hate getting Barraged when pushing a Hunter into a wall / Mobile Arena, and when Corpse Camping.

Especially if my escape route is trapped.


That’s why the skill is so fun if used right :stuck_out_tongue: fucks up the monsters game :smiley:


It won’t change it for some reason, but oh well does it matter that much afterall :stuck_out_tongue: