How to use Decoy?


Look this is something that I just wanted to know. Decoy is probably my least favorite move in the game. I almost never use it, and was just grinding for mastery with it last night. But here’s the thing: something feels wrong about having only 3 abilities at S3. I’m curious how I could apply it in the middle of a fight. I mean, it’s obvious to hunters when it’s a decoy and not you, so how do I apply it?


you dont, decoy is a terrible ability, poor damage, insane cooldown and worst of all you cant control the decoy, and as soon as you do another action the decoy will disappear

just invest 3 points in every other ability, so you have more burst to defeat the hunters.


But people use it, so I assume there’s a correct way. Besides, my OCD is gonna KILL me if I don’t figure something out.


I personally go with 3 points in warp blast and supernova then 2 in decoy and one in abduction. or swap the last 2. Best usage is to g behind a rock and use it as something to give yourself a couple seconds of breathing room hopefully and as a distraction. Can’t really be used in combat per say because now you get revealed if shot hile invisible and flash when the decoy is shot.


I normally put 1 point into Decoy at stage 1, then leave it alone for the rest of the game.

I actually think it’s not bad for farming in certain situations e.g. go over to some reavers or canyon striders or whatever, pop decoy, evolve, and when your done there should be some food waitng for you.

Other than that I find a decoy can distract hunters for a brief second or even help with baiting a dome. Or use the fact it cloaks you to begin an escape. But overall I don’t put more than 1 point into it.


1 point is enough, more than that is a waste. ye, it’s a useless ability in combat because you should be able to relocate yourself quickly but you CAN’T because wraith is sooo f… slow and if you warp around you cancel it :laughing:

not to mention that any experienced hunter will shoot reveal your phenomenal invisibility

that’s what we have for our beloved wraith!


I used to put one point in decoy at first but it didn’t do me any good. I always go 3 warp then 3 abduct then 3 supernova. Works for me. Don’t really like supernova either. Haven’t played wraith since the latest patch was released though.

When I used decoy it was for running away, feeding mid-combat or to wait for cool downs on WB and abduct.


I always put 2 in decoy. And I use supernova then activate decoy so the decay carries the ability of supernova and it does damage while you escape or plan ur next move


Eh, I find that that rarely works since the Ai is easily abusable and avoidable as long as you have jetpack.

I find that it is very situational for repositioning purposes and near useless for damage.

Again, taht is what I’ve found.

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The decoy can be used for farming. You can eat while the decoy is out and it will kill wildlife.


But for battles I don’t think its that useful. My decoys never do anything it seems compared to others.

Others’ decoy:

My decoy:


Sounds about right. xD