How to Unlock Specific in game Badge (?)


Soooo trying to get my ingame badge back must be the most annoying thing at the moment , (especially since for one of its components I will have to play monster for quite a while which I never do) , but anyways …

Could anyone enlight me on what task do I have to perform to unlock this one in the middle of the pic ?
Those Asian inspired kind of masks? Would be really nice if we had a description under each badge explaining how to unlock them by the way.


I got a few Gorgon badges by leveling up Gorgon so it might be character-orientated?

It does look like it’s an assault badge. Maybe Torvald or Lennox.


Yeah I have already checked all characters list where it gives you an indication of badges earned as you level them up.
It does not belong to a certain character as much as I can see :S.
Torv has the wolf and hammer ones and Lennox the grizzle and bullets ones as far as I can remember or something like that.
This mask might be linked to a certain achievement? Idk …


Those originally came from winning X matches as Hunter in Ranked. Not sure if it still is…


From the outline, it looks like these badges:

Upon tracking it back to the fourms, it’s earned via placement in ranked:

Edit: @Aramet ninja’d me


That mask used to be for winning games as Hunter in Ranked.
The one on the far left used to be for winning games as Monster in Ranked.

I think it was 10, could have been 20

Not sure if that’s still the case or not, but I DO like the idea of a description below.



Maybe add the option to buy badges too?

With all those badges, it will be hard to get my Emet Bae ones, and tyrant ones.

I loved having an albino Tyrant with a Hot Pink radiation symbol in the background.




I just want my old badges back :confused:


Thanx a lot guys , I tried to search the forums too but couldn’t dig out the info thanx @Aramet and @XplosionIncorporated ;).


I just googled “Evolve Badged” then went to images. I found the colored version of the pic you left, then clicked on the image and it took me back to the forums.


OOOoooo kudos on dat digging skillzzzzz… ^^
That didn’t even pop in mind, I just tried to dig out in text so I was lost in earlier threads not even containing the masks X-D !