How to Try New Hunters Free


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First off, I’m not talking about hacking or exploiting anything.

I have already paid for the DLC and will continue to do so, but this is a community idea to help people try out the new Hunters.

In theory, we could get teams of 4 people already with the new characters purchased. Everybody in that lobby would select all of the new Hunters and start a match.

THEN…3 people quit out and start a new lobby. Leave one person in that game and have them wait for PUG players to join.

Once that happens, have the 3 people in the new lobby invite the remaining guy and set up a new lobby.

This would make a bunch of lobbies with all of the new characters for random people to join in on.

Repeat the process…and you’d make a bunch of matches with the new characters, so that players just joining matches can try them out for one game.


You can try out new hunters for free in single player. Just change the bots to the new hunters and hotswap in game. You can only do this with the Hunters though as you can’t hotswap to the Monster. :smile:


I’ve heard you can try them out in Solo , but not quite sure about that


Are you sure? I haven’t read this. A link would be great, to put in the main post.


I’ll have a look and get back to you.


Found it!
It won’t let me quote the post I want to so I’ve linked the thread. Look for SlabOMeat’s long post and in one paragraph he says you can set hunters you don’t own as bots in solo.


He did indeed say this but I have the slightest of feelings you might not actually be able to switch to them if you don’t own them. Maybe though.


Yeah, I have this suspicion too.


I think you can, but you won’t get mastery or XP for their medals/accolades.


Maybe that too. I don’t know. We’ll really just have to wait and see on this one.


I would actually like to do that. Even if it means wasting my time not playing, someone who would get to try out T4 would be happy.


No, cause you can’t play tier 2-3 you don’t own


You have to unlock them first, yes. Everybody owns them, technically.


Just been looking for a quote from a Dev to try and prove what I said was right, but I can’t find one. I have heard numerous amount of times that it is possible but as there is no proof I can’t say for definite. If it turns out I was wrong then sorry for the false hope. :smile:
As @MeTheBigShow said, we will have to wait and see.


He’s not a Dev, but I trust @MaddCow


Yeah I saw him say that in lots of threads but I wanted to quote a dev. Not that @MaddCow isn’t trustworthy because I trust him completely, but I have seen people ask him for proof for other questions and just wanted to get a guaranteed answer to save any confusion. Thanks for the quote though, much appreciated. :smiley:


Never trust a cow completely. It will be your doom.

Can't play tier 4 in single player?

Just to clarify things here. In Solo you can play AGAINST the DLC characters without owning them. If you are a Hunter, you will not be able to set the other Hunter bots to DLC characters unless you own them, but you will be able to set the AI monster to be Behemoth. If you are Monster you will be able to set all of the Hunters to be DLC characters even if you don’t own the DLC.

Convince a monster player to get DLC hunters (Me)

They did say in a stream that if you start a match and someone leaves, and that person was playing a DLC character you don’t have, you can hotswap over to them.


Told you @MaddCow