How to Trap a Mini Goliath on Refuelling Station - Gravity Well?


Refuelling Station, they caught a mini Goliath. How? I’ve found out how.

Gravity Boxes! Clearly there is some kind of black hole gravity well device in there. Poor goli.


I thought this was @Galactoid for second.


He’s another dimension, I wouldn’t dare attempt something @Galactoid related.


I feel so bad for @Quirkly’s baby… :cry: Let’s go undercover and release him! :blush:



The guy in the top right is being abducted XD


Gather up everyone, and let’s go!

Starts blasting the Mission Impossible theme

@ddlarnold OMG, just noticed that xD


Top right, but yeah, that’s funny :smiley_cat:


Daisy was abducted, poor Ruva got roasted that game.


Poor Daisy…