How to test hunter quest progression transfer?



I’ve played a bit of hunter quest just to see if I can actually see the changes on my ingame 2k account but I don’t see any level progression on val, maggie, hank and markov, they should be at least level 4. Where can you see that ?

if I go to PROFILE and view ranking I just see val and some gun stats but I don’t see her level.


I’m not sure I understand this question

You’re saying that you’ve levelled up the T1 characters to level 4?


I think he’s asking about keeping your stats from playing the last Beta (at least on the XBO).

I’m wondering the same. I thought the character progression would transfer as well, but when I fired up my XBO this morning, it did not. I had no stars completed for any of the Tier1 hunters, but I did have three Tier2 hunters unlocked (I didn’t use Val too much).


Well the threads title says ‘hunter quest’, so I assume its for that app


Ah, good call. My bad.


Also for your question, its only the characters unlocks that carry over, not any levels/progression for the characters

For the OP, I’m going to sleep soon so I’m gonna guess what your problem is.
The levels in the Hunters Quest app only affect there in app strength and your progression for a specific badge for that character when they reach 30

The progression from the app is having the stars 50% completed if you rank them up using the mastery points awarded as loot from the app.
At the home page of the app click on ‘Connect to EVOLVE’
You should see all 12 of the hunters.
Click on whatever character you want progression for.
This will take you to a page where it has level 1/2/3 for the hunters tools
Use the mastery points to unlock these
You now have 50% of that weapons 1/2/3 star


@Magik_boom - thanks for following up with my hijacked & misdirected post. I found the news post from the Evolve site that states this as well ( Kind of a bummer that we’d have to grind through it all again.


allright, thx, I’m gonna try that :).

Seems reasonable that you can’t transfer levels :slight_smile: