How to stop a Wraith


Can anyone tell us the weaknesses of a wraith so we can beat it quite easily.


Teamwork and communication. Splitting up to track it in the begining is fine. Use mast or whatever works for you. I like caira and abe to go out in one group. Dont shoot it until you have a dome. Just track it with darts or dust tagging or bucket.


If you give up the wraith will die HAHA. :joy:


Teamwork is key. Having a good trapper is key and will make any wraith cry.

The real problem is half the hunters think they’re good, but in reality they’re trash and neglect their abilities and focus on dps. Any traps/slows/dots will make a wraith cry for days.

Also if you see a decoy pop get closer to your team because chances are she’s lining up an abduct or pounce (less likely if level 1.)

I’m not going to give away tons of hints since I main wraith. Just know that any good hunting team >>>> monsters so bad it’s silly really.

I suppose one last hint is she has a lot of trouble hitting airborne targets and has to rely on abduct to get you. So use the terrain to your advantage… But that’s a golden rule against any monster.


Don’t split up to far, stay within 100m. If you fan to far out I will abduct the closest one to me and down them. I will flee and hide then pounce on a rescuer to do more damage before running away.

Put traps at choke points and watch the minimap for pings. Utilize every ability you have. Also don’t mindlessly chase, be smart about it. Many monsters circle the outer parameter of the map so learn the choke points and wait for it to come to you otherwise you run into the complaint many seem to have about the wraith.