How to start winning as a hunter

after i play i look at their profiles,remember Europe has many languages so i had 2x germans and a russian

can I wear a mic as long as I don’t have to talk?. i’m ok at communicating through writing such as on this forum but I have crippling shyness problems when it comes to talking

lol why wear a mic then fool… but no i understand kid

Talking in video games is easy though, you never have to worry about meeting them again!

Doesnt work on ps4 half the time due to Party Chat and i dont blame them. The quality of mics in game seems to be terrible but in party chat its clear. I do this myself, even though me and a friend have tried going to game chat. After a match or two of our own mics sounding like crap we go back.

Today i still tried to communicate with randumbs but it didnt work. I suggest we go setup at relay since a goliath was going flee til 3 and our team did 0 hp dmg in 2 domes. Assault and trapper continue to chase, forces me and laz to go as well, we get wrecked instantly. 2nd game, same thing…tell them to come towards me for shields, they continue breaking LOS forcing me to waste jetpack, we get wrecked. 3rd game, medic is a Rambo with tranqs, i tell him hes going to far, gets rocked before i can turn corner to shield him. Trappers running and doming while were 75m out and dying instantly.


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Play into those characters, and you should be able to win more with hunters. They’re also being used in Gold 1-5 right now.

To note, Cabot is occasionally viable. Use him with Lazarus though. He takes a good team to run with, I’ve only seen him played by Gold 4 hunters.

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Ps4 mics are terrible. Xbox has good mics. I can hear everyone usually

so people who I don’t know can shout at me, tell me how worthless I am and blame me for the team losing of course

If you and another person are talking to eachother they wont be rude like that, they would give you advice if you are actually doing something wrong. I do get pissed at people without mics that are screwing everything up and say they are doing terrible, but not if they are talking too.

I mean i’m silver skilled for hunter which probably is my level, i’m by no stretch saying i’m a great hunter but when people in bronze or silver skilled are blaming you there’s something amiss. seems to me like it’s just a d*ck measuring competition, which is exactly why I don’t wear my headset anymore.

just to point out also, it’s not always me that’s getting blamed but someone always is and I don’t want to listen to that, thank you very much

That isn’t how that works.

And honestly, enough of these stupid “You need to use a mic to win, blah blah blah” threads…Seriously. I don’t use one and I only lose because of things like latency or actual real life distractions.

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Yeah I understand but you can mute them if you don’t like any abuse you feel your getting

I think your spot on in terms of mic quality but that’s sonys problem they made so if your not in party chat you can’t understand a word so yeah this on ps4 is often overlooked but is game changing,mic quality without being in a party is horrible

like I say it’s not always me but it is always someone. not sure if you guys live in a blame culture but as someone who was a chef for 10+ years I can absolutely 100% guarantee you this isn’t conducive to good teamwork.

Yeah I know but that’s the world in general (blame culture) I’m first to say I’m not a great player but I can hold my own and feel justified in my anger at fellow hunters being dumb on occasions costing us the match,also this compounds the notion I have that monsters at present are bloody OP for pubs

u dont have to talk back

just listen.

if u got a different opinion write it if we got time.

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I’ve tried using my mic and most games. Most of the time I get these guys that like to play their music at high volumes that make it hard to even hear my own thoughts. Why play music when you’re playing a game that requires communication…

you can get better in 4 easy steps:

  1. start Evole
  2. find 3 other people (the number is pretty specific on this, 2 wont get you the desired results)
  3. start Training and improving Teamwork with your chosen 3 guys
  4. If you are lacking motivation and monsters just rolf stomp you, watch this : click me
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Don’t like talking while playing games.
Meaning I’d mute all talkers in addition to me not talking :laughing:

Im not saying you NEED a mic to win, but it would seriously help. There is no denying that.