How to start in defend mode and not hunt


I selected multiplayer and was taken to Defend mode instead of hunt. We played a few games of that and then the server crashed. I want to play defend instead of hunt so how can I choose that. I know you can do it in evacuation mode but I just want to do defend. Curious as to why it put me there before but cannot get back to it…Also, it was 3 games in a row of defend so I know we were not in evacuation mode. I know I can set up a custom game but I want to play with others…


You can’t just pick Defend. There’s only Hunt and Evacuation with randoms.


You can pick specific maps and modes in custom games. However, if you choose a solo game and change the settings and then queue up, sometimes those settings get taken with you when you queue up. I’ve noticed it happen a few times when I’m the party leader and have a few other Hunters from my friends list with me. I think sometimes the single player custom settings get stuck.


Ok. So far multiplayer has not been fun. Sitting on the searching for players seen for 10 minutes or so. Being in defend (which I liked) and stuck on the loading screen (where the tips show) just before the match is loaded, getting penalized when it is just me and a bot and I leave because others left…Monster being last choice but getting it over 10 matches in a row…

It seems to be to difficult to find a match in a game that is based on multiplayer…

Curious, why can we not choose to play defend or another mode. Seems it would open the game up a bit…

Thanks for the quick responses


Thats what I thought…Took me for surprise when I selected random hunt and was put into a defend match, when it was over, another defend match started up. It was fun…until being stuck on the loading screen…


Wrong. There’s skirmish and evacuation. Currently skirmish is bugged. Sometimes you’ll be thrown into a lobby that is actually doing an entire Evacution rotation. It goes hunt > rescue > nest > defend. Rinse and repeat. The other things that can happen is that it’ll do a rotation once and then fix itself. The last one is that after the rotation it will get stuck and throw the same players in the same role on the same map without ever showing the after match loading screen.


It also splinters the community more. Their goal is to have as few branches for gameplay modes. Hence Skirm/Evac


That doesn’t count, it’s technically supposed to be Hunt mode. I stated that there was no way to specifically select Defend mode on Multiplayer, which is a fact. On the other hand, I have experienced running into Defend games on skirmish, but that’s another matter. There’s no control over that.