How to Solve "Flee till 3"


As we all know, evolve is about, well, evolving.

And, as we all may or may not know, the Monster gains Evolve energy for downing a hunter (Correct me if I’m wrong!)

However, you only get a small amount of energy per incap, nothing too substantial that couldn’t be gotten with a 3 or 4 meat. This means that there is no incentive to engage hunters early on, because DUH, permanent health loss is in play and you have to fight THREE other hunters in order to get that small amount. My solution to Flee till 3 is simple; offer the Monster a HUGE chunk of evolve bar for incapping a hunter. 40-50% for a hunter with no strikes, 30% for a hunter with one strike, and 25% for a hunter with two strikes. This encourages monsters to fight earlier on, so as to gain the HUGE evolve meter boost. AND, this would make sense lore-wise; a monster, having fought this team already before an Evolve, now knows what to evolve to beat them. EMET and Bucket pissing you off with deployables? Fire breath. Lennox getting that final Lance into your posterior before you can hit her? Charge. Crow picking your health away with his stasis rifle? Rock throw.

TL;DR - Give Monsters large chunks of their evolve bar for incapping hunters early on based on how many strikes the hunters have, in order to promote early-stage fights


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How to fix evolve. A suggestion

Yes I agree completely … Except for the amount you have stated

have said it earlier yes this has to be implemented …

My suggestion :

Stage 3 meter should be higher by 3+ additional meals as punishment

If you made 1 strike … U should have the same stage meter as now

If u made 2 strike on a specific hunter : u should have a higher

If u made 2 strikes on different hunter 1 strike for assault - 1 for support for instanse : u should get a higher

Sometimes you fight as monster and loss a huge amount of health to make strike to the team but you don’t have the evolve meter ready up .

It takes 0 skill to kill the wild life and eat the food … But it takes skill to down a hunter against coordinated team

This will not fix flee till 3 for sure … But will help reduce it … Flee till 3 is a big issue and we r glad that it’s going away

The game should reward monster when they attempt to fight early on …

Who ever doesn’t attempt to fight early must get punished by increasing evolve meter for stage 2 monster


That’s a nice idea, although TRS already has a plan to end this strategy :smile:


Oh, and Sentry Gun! By the way!
#*Pat pat *
Good job Sentry Gun, just went on a massive Goliath-killing streak with Bucket and did over 20000k with you guys in a match against Behemoth. xD



(Didn’t mean to delete last one xD )


I hope you guys know that we’re all dying inside waiting for this new Hunter and the patch in general.



but see, the thing is, this patch i dont believe is the “End Ft3” patch. but still, generally hyped.


@Matthew Just heard my favorite piece of EMET dialogue;

Look! Birds! I wish I could fly…#YOU HAVE A JETPACK YOU RETARDED F*CK!


But he’s the bad guy.
How can we trust you now!?


tbh, Kala is going to fix the flee til 3 a bit too. She can apply permanent health damage when the monster tries to migate, so just like with Crow, she forces the monster to go all in in every engagement


I think this could be done for stage one so people wil commit amd fight hunters. Stage 2 could have the current amount.


I don’t think this does much to stop Flee till three at all

I play Gorgon so a little extra reward to stage 2 isn’t going to entice me to fight you anymore than the appeal of a clean stage 2 evolve by avoiding the hunters and finding a good spot to evolve. Then proceeding to engage at stage 2 with at least 3/4 armor especially if this is ranked against hunters of whom i have no knowledge

Its more like just a reward for If you do decide that you want to engage and then get a down not any real reason for monsters who don’t know how to fight to want to engage at stage 1


This is not going to work, because as a monster i want to be domed, and survive, so I can flee and evolve while the dome is in cooldown.
If I’m trapped without my full evolve better because the hunters got me fast, I can’t do it. But if you give me meter by downing a hunter, then I will be almost always ready to evolve just after the dome.

This changes too much the meta, can’t be a solution.


I dont think this in particular would help that much. One of the main reasons why people flee till 3 is because it is too risky to engage at Stage 1 healthwise and getting a strike is rare against most comps.
So my opinion:


The problem with finicky suggestions to counter “Flee till 3” that people are always forgetting is that it takes only one slight nodge too far and you’ll end up with Hunters who’ll just camp the Power Relay as soon as they drop.

Wraith is an example of this, requiring Hunters to work well together on the Hunt (hence why casuals don’t care much for her) while struggling at Relay fights.

Hunt is already on a thin line where a step in one direction results in too much “Flee till 3” while a step in the other results in Hunters camping the Relay far too soon.
Cus why would they hunt if the Monster has too many reasons to fight them before stage 3?
Why would they go fight the Monster at stage 2 when instead they can just wait for it to be stage 3 and therefore not risk stage 2 engagements that are far too risky more they’re worth?

This is not a theory.
Wraith is already experiencing this.
Don’t let the other Monsters follow.


Let me explain how I think this can be solved:
First off, the monster is on a timer. Once the timer expires, the monster looses. Currently this may be the only reason to chase a flee till 3 monster. Where the game stands right now, the hunters have a good chance to win when the monster hits stage 3 with full health, so yes, they dont need to chase it. I think this is the case because the Monster get to Stage 3 way too often and a too big of a portion of the telemetry comes from Stage 3 fights. Increasing Stage 3 attributes like damage and health would swing the WLR too much towards the Monsters.
In short, Stage 3 needs to be much more difficult to reach and much more rewarding.

So the Hunters should hunt the monster because 1 it waste its time and 2 it is there best chance of winning. Not doing that should result in the Monster to be too strong to beat.
The Monster does not need to actively search a fight, but inside a dome, it can run and jump around all it wants, in that 1 minute it wont get much evolving energy.
So if the Monster was to be dependend on gaining evolving energy as fast as possible, it would be forced to engage in a fight (when it gains energy from fighting) otherwise it would loose an entire minute of feeding and eventually run out of time.

So in data:

  • Much more energy required to stage up
  • A big amount of energy can be gained through fighting the Hunters
  • Stage 3 needs to be too strong to fight full health
  • Maybe some tweaks to the round timer


I think that this is a great idea! Thinking of all the times the hunters are on me and wont let me feed… cannot feed, well at least I could fight for a good amount of evolve meter.


The anti-flee till 3 is not in the next patch. But will be in the one after that. We had to shake some stuff up to make it work.

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