How to Sneak


Well after playing in the Big Alpha a bit and having some hands on time playing as the Goliath (never got the Kraken) I have some advice for if you want to be the sneakiest of all monsters. Let’s do this.
Step 1. Know thy enemy.
This step mainly focuses on the trapper. At the moment you only need to worry about 2 trappers. Maggie and Griffen. Abe is mostly the same as Griffen but can be mized with Maggie some.
If you are up against Maggie, you jump! Don’t bother waling at all when you first start playing. Jumping will get you extremly far on some maps and since you leave no tracks at first, Daisy will have to sniff around a bit before she nows where you are. Also remember to toggle sneak back on before you land. Most of the time jumping will take you out of sneak and you will leave footprints.
Against Griffen you can be slower. Go ahead and sneak away to the nearest wildlife on the map. If you can, get close to the landing zone and watch where the hunters go. Then sneak away. No use in running away if the hunters will just turn around and find you. Also remember, if you can, try to destory the sound spikes. This gives you an opprotunity to run around and get some distance for a short period of time.
Step 2: Wildlife=Noisy Dinner
When taking out your food for the night, try to go for the small animals first. These guys can be killed by a sneak attack which will take longer than a regular melee attack but it won’t alert birds (most of the time) and it won’t leave any footstpes. It also works well on Steamadons for they won’t release their steam after a sneak attack. If you know the hunters are far away from you, don’t be afraid to use your abilities! Kill a sloth with a charge or a group of marsh striders with fire breath. This let’s you get a lot of meat at once and then you can be level 2. Which then let’s you get better abilities which will let you kill more wildlife!
Step 3: Get them Perks!
If you see one of the elite wildlife, kill it fool! Unless you have a great perk like increase damage output or birds ignore you, then kill that elite! Better you eat that meat and then get a better perk later than to let the hunters get a advantage. This goes for both monsters but unless you have full health at stage 3 or the timer is about to run out, kill the elite Tyrant. It will give you extra health which gives you a longer battle which you will most liekly win.
Step 4: Kill Humans Early
Make sure to kill those humans as soon as possible. If you only down 1 human at stage 1, that is still a win for you. The more strikes, the better. It also helps with telling who is who. Killed a medic early in the game but didn’t take down anyone else? that hunter with the strike is the medic. Also if you can, kill the hunters when they come out of the dropship alone. If you kill 1 hunter, then you have the chance to get another strike on them before they even say hello to their team. Make sure you are alone!
Step 4: Use Weather to your Advantage
If it rains, then fly you fool! (if you didn’t get that referance, you have no life) When it starts to rain or a blizzard comes, then you have the opprotunity to start running, and still leave no tracks. The tracks will still be left but if the hunters are far enough away, then the tracks will be gone before they know you are level 2.
Step 5: Use the wildlife
Megamouths+Carnivorous Plants+Blitz Leapords+Venom Hounds-Steamadons X Tyrants= Free Win for monster.


It was nice of you to take your time and setting this up.

I want to rectify one thing: When you sneak attack, or use your Fire Breath, or any other sort of attack whatsoever, you do leave a footprint where you were. Try performing a sneak attack and then sniff, you’ll notice two footprints.


Actually there is a way to not leave footprints when you sneak attack. If you plan it out very well, then you can sneak attack right next to an animal. When performed correctly,you simply grab the animal and kill it. When I do this, I see no tracks. Also I didn’t mean that you leave tracks wehn you use your abilities. That’s why I said to only use them if the hunters are far away. Sorry if I did not say it clearly.


Oh, alright then.

So, if you sneak attack practically touching the animal, if the Monster won’t leap, then you don’t leave any footprints?

Also: As the Goliath, if you hold down the sneak button when falling out of a jump, you’ll automatically enter sneak mode when you land. Just release the button once you do so.


Splendid guide, thanks =)


Correct about the sneak attack. If you are colse enough to the animal in question, then the attack does not require a leap so no tracks are left. About the falling, I found in my gameplay that simply pressing the button will leave you in sneak mode after a jump. Falling, and climbing keep you in sneak mode as far as I’ve seen.