How to set up the game for pc


I got evolve for the pc today and I don’t know how to set it up can anyone help?


What do you mean by set it up?


Yus. Clarification is needed.


Do you mean settings wise?


Well first you need steam, I can’t really go into step by step detail cause my dad had set it up. But all I know is you need steam and then you put the Disc 1 in and the 2, 3 and 4 probably will take 8 to 9 hours to set up


Okay the thing is telling me to put in disc 4 but every time I do it doesn’t do anything it’s like it’s not recognizing that the disc is in there


Activate the CDKey on Steam <-- Click that and just download it from Steam’s servers. Save you some hassle.


Do you know how to pause the PC version?


Define pause, are you playing in singleplayer? If so, press escape and the game should bring up the menu and pause it. If you’re in an online game it wont pause though.