How to save Evolve

Some of you may recognize me. I used to post here a lot before the games release and during alpha and beta - both of which I played as much as I could. I didn’t actually buy the game because I saw a handful of big problems with it and was told I was wrong. I since left the forums and let time take its course.

The number of people still playing Evolve suggests I might have been right. I’m not here to gloat, but I just wanted to offer my opinion on how TRS can save Evolve… it’s a game I would like to play and I don’t think it has to be dead.

  1. Drop the price of the game down to $29.99. Include all current DLC in that price. Reward people who bought the full price game and all DLC with season passes for all future DLC as well as some cosmetic items.

That alone could save the game. Have free weekends as well. From a marketing perspective $60 is super expensive for a game anymore and people do not want to pay that price. Learn something from the Payday series. The first game launched cheap. It frequently had free weekends and went on sale for very cheap. Because of this tons of people played and bought the game. Word got around about it which led to the massive success of Payday 2… which also released at $30 and has huge sales and free weekends often.

A $60 game and $15 monster DLC is tremendously greedy. $7.50 per hunter is even worse. Reduce these prices and sell exponentially more copies… earn more profit. Sell cosmetic items… earn more profit.

As far as enhancing the game goes I believe there needs to be less of a focus on ‘hunt’ as the primary mode. I do not think it is a fun or engaging mode. I think the focus should be on Evacuation and more balance efforts should be targeted toward it. Make sure each mode is mostly balanced and award points based on performance rather than just win/loss tallies.

Hunt becomes stale far too quickly. It is desperate to be a competitive e-sport but lacks the depth. Evacuation has the depth due to the variation, it just needs the balance.

That’s my opinion, take it or leave it. All I’ve wanted from the start was to see Evolve be successful and it hurts me to see it failing.

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