How to Roll as Behemoth GAMEPLAY


Have you ever thought that the new monster is underpowered?
Struggle no more, here you can learn how to smash faces like never before!

Here is my second video in the series, I hope you will enjoy it!


3 days you posted and 0 reply Oo
I’m surprised cos this video is very nice and fun :'D


D-D-D-Double Kill xD very well played mine I either lose badly or everyone timesout (including me).


You had to dig deep into the forums to recover the 3 days old post, kudos to you :slight_smile:

I am glad you like it, I love Evolve and I recently decided to start an YouTube Channel and have some fun with video editing.
I feel I will stick to the captions for a while, but later on I am going to attempt to do something more fancy.
It would be awesome to have bigger audience and more opinions on my productions to improve, feel free to visit my channel anytime :wink:


Awesome video! I subscribed. :slight_smile:


Will do ^^


Regarding the playing as Behemoth, he is pretty much overpowered in close quarters i.e. caves, but it’s often impossible to finish games when fighting out in open at the Relay.
On maps with caves it’s easy to just stay inside and wait for hunters to come, but if they are smart enough they just wait for stage 3 fight at the Relay and I just lose :frowning: