How to Remove and Show the Cursor


When you are playing Evolve and the Cursor shows up in-Game and sometimes it does not show up in the menu or selecting characters or skill point menu.

  1. This is how to remove it:

Rapidly tap Shift + Tab many times

  1. To show the Cursor in the menu, Character selecting menu etc.

Rapidly tap Shift + Tab many times

Have a nice day Playing Evolve ^^


I’m glad i wasn’t the only one having this problem,
It was mainly the Cursor in-game but i was to into the game to notice most the time lol.


Glad to help the Community with this Problem ^^

EDIT: @SledgePainter is it possible to Pin this Topic?


Yeah, fix it through spamming, I can confirm this works also.


its going to get fixed in the first update any day now.