How to release new content - Monster reveal idea - Cinematics, leaks, teasing


Hi guys, i would like to know how you think new content should be revealed/released, like new monsters, hunters, game modes, i know, the game is not released yet, they have to stabilish themselfs first but, i would like to give my idea, specifically for one type, Monsters reveal.

We know Monsters are the most epic thing in game, the boss, and it should be properly introduced. So here is my idea, a cool, short cinematic, imagine it:

It beggins with Maggie and Daisy exploring a swamp in the night, Maggie is comunicating with someone through radio, its a new voice, we never hurd it.

-…Ok, thanks Youssef!
turns off

After it, Daisy smells something and starts running.

-Daisy wait, oh not again…
chases her.

As both runs, Maggie begins to notice some webs, little eggs, dead wild life, more frequently as they keep going foward. Suddenly Daisy stops, looks up and beggins to bark.

-What you got girl?
looks up.

She sees a giant web, a lot of carcases tied in, she can barely see the end, the darkness won’t allow. Then a red point appears, slowly more come to light, these are not dots, they are eyes, 8 staring its prey.

-Oh sh*, run Daisy.*

A giant spider Emerge from dark, shouting some creepy spider scream, the camera focus it, Arachne, new monster revealed, The End.

In a video like this 0:40-1:00 (minute), they can do a lot of stuff, as you noticed, she was talking with “Youssef”, probably a future hunter. The map itself can be a future new one. Some of the dead wildlife seen can be also new stuff, like a big dead tyrant Beetle stuck in the web. They can even put a lost weapon on the ground, from another assault hunter tier, so we can begin to speculate the new content, but only confirming the Monster itself in the video.

Sorry for my english. Thx.


I would like to see a first person view through the monster’s eyes as it demolishes the hunters before pulling back and showing the 3rd person view and/or front of it :smiley:


If the monster is indeed a stealth monster, the idea of the slow hints/leaks of it’s identity could be an amazing way to make it reveal itself. Kind of a slow burning mystery. Maybe have it not directly revealed over a few weeks, and slowly place hints and details here and there…then wammo! Third monster attacks from the shadows.

Could be a cool way to do things. I don’t know how easy to implement it would be, but I like the concept!


This may just be me, but I think that all new content should be released by letting me play it for hours on end against the developers. Again, that may just be my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that this would be acceptable as long I was there to monitor, watch, document, and equally playtest so we have a control group to compare notes with. :smiley:


Yeah i agree with you guys, it needs lot of testing, but it is just the reveal, kinda like riot does with LoL, they tease, reveal, then they put on PBE for testing, do some balance and then release in the actual game, it would be similar, we can’t deny that they know how to do this stuff.

Just saying, “hey here is the new monster his name is Bob” is kinda boring, they gotta build up the hype, marketing strategy, better for the company, better for the game and for us.