How to properly use Torvald's rockets?


More than 90% of the time you use his rockets you will mess hitting the monster because they take too long to reach where you fired them, and even seeing where the monster will be going you’ll still mess them. I think they can only be useful if you were lucky enough that the monster evolved to a place not very far from you so you can fire them while the monster is evolving. Anybody here mastered using his rockets?

(lel I evolved as the Goliath not very far from Torvald and just when the rockets were about to hit me I was like “OH MY GOD MY ARMOR’S GOING AWAY” then at the last moment I jumped and none hit me!)


Anticipate where the monster is going and shoot there. Unfortunately when you’re up against good monsters they will move somewhere random when they hear the sound of the mortars.


either predict the monsters movement or tell your teammates to stop dodgeing

also getting the monster to climb alot can make hitting mortars easier

a good legacy combo was jack + torvald, coordinate with your jack or even griff so they keep the monster in place when you fire


Assuming it’s a brawler type monster like Goliath or Wraith, try shooting your mortars at the teammate they are focusing. You may need to anticipate where they will go next in order to try and juke the monster, but that gives you a decent chance of hitting thew monster.


Stand at a lower elevation, aim upwards, and be as close as you can without triggering the failsafe on mortars to be unfireable. Mortars reach him really really quickly.

Of if you’re on mic with Medic/Support, coordinate strikes with their kiting. I have done this several times and it’s extremely effective. Particularly with Cabot on the team.


Here’s a video from @Geitballj.

(orginally posted here: Is Torvald bad right now? )


Exactly what @The_Little_Jay said! Aim for where your teammates are/where your teammates are going. They are more predictable than the monster and this makes landing your mortars much easier.