How to properly trap the monster (Weather Control)


Before we get started let’s explain some things.

  1. Generally when you drop in this will be where the monster is. The Orange dot being the monsters location upon activation of planetary scan.

  2. The dark lines are how far the monster will make it in ~30s of travel. This will change dependent on how much food the monster wants to pick up along the way, and what perks the monster is running with.

  3. The bright lines are how far the hunters will make it in ~30s of travel. They vary in length due to jetpacks having a long recharge period. You’ll have roughly ~10s of 4 free boosts. This is why Line 1/3 are longer than 2 as you will have 8 boosts compared to simply 4.

  4. The light blue lines are the cut off points and where to send two of your hunters (for coordinated teams). Because you’re trying to cut off the monster you need hunters on your team to cover the possible juke locations. Since sending one hunter alone is extremely dangerous it is much safer to simply break up into teams of two. This is usually Medic/Assault and Trapper/Support.

Now that we have the basics understood let’s get into examples.

This will be what nearly every first dome looks like on Weather Control once you get good at map cutting. It’s one of the better domes fights in the cave (Equal for both sides due to the relatively flat ground you’ll be fighting on). Since it’s stage 1 that means the fight should be in your control.

Since this dome will be early (about 1:20 into the match) you’ll probably get the monster before he has even 1/2 of his evolve meter full. This means that if you play properly you’re nearly guaranteeing your team two domes at stage 1. Depending on how good your team is at damage this will be 1/2->2/3s of the monsters HP gone. If you don’t take any strikes in this dome you’ll very likely have control over the rest of the game.

Now the next dome is heavily dependent on the skill level of the monster and the level of stress he is under.

The top and bottom lines here are what panicked monsters will likely do. They will do this to attempt to make the most distance as possible away from you. This is also why monsters will stick to the edge of the map at the start. What’s important to understand is that you don’t have to stick to the edges of the map. Instead as a hunter you should always be sticking near the center of the map until you’re about to dome, need to flush out a monster, or have some way to heavily punish him without a dome (getting Parnell on an evolving monster for example.)

Now the middle line is the way you’ll know that the monster isn’t completely out of it. When the monster heads to the center of the map you need to 100% expect he is going to chose the next dome location. He is heading to the center to give himself the most options on where you two will clash next. Pay attention to this and watch out for your next dome as you may be throwing it in heavily monster favored territory.

Against these panicked monsters it’s actually best to follow what a non panicked route the monster player would take. Getting yourself to the center of the map will give you more than enough time to respond to the monsters movements. Since the monster isn’t close to evolution you’ll be able to take this risk without any negative cost.

The Green line splits off to intercept the southern panicked monster and the blue to intercept the northern panicked monster. Both of these dome locations will end up being hunter favored again (It’s as if the map designers planned this or something :stuck_out_tongue: ) With two strong domes at level one the rest of the game is in your hands simply due to a tilt factor on the monster (I’d be tilted if I saw hunters doing this against me >_>).

That’s all I’m going to talk about for now. If you guys have any specific examples you want for weather control just ask me in the comments and I’ll walk you through it.


Thank you, I have been looking for advice from good players on how to up my game. I generally just use intuition and it serves me well enough, but advanced tactics are always good.

Just one question though, if you could give me a tiny bit of advice;

If he’s on the edge of the map and we’re in the center, how should I first know where he is exactly, and secondly get there in time?


Planetary scanner and the trappers own tracking method can help you out quite a bit. You will break into separate 2 man squads to make sure that when your tracking data isn’t on he won’t slip past you.

Nearly every monster will simply high tail it out of domes, and generally across the map. LoS has been improved on most maps making it much easier to track monster movement from extreme distances even without any fancy tracking tools.

To get there in time it’s pretty simple. You’re always taking that faster route to the destination. Think of it like Pythagorean therom. You’re always looking for route C while the monster wastes time on A+B. Over time once you get experienced with the maps it’ll come naturally.


I never knew if I followed established feeding routes in stage 1, never bothered to find out, but I never go to the east at the start on WC. I always go south past the tower to get some mammoth birds and striders then book it to the caves when the hunters will be getting close. By that point the speedier monsters (Wraith / Gorgon) will have a good amount of meter and can get right to the back of the cave for a fairly safe evolution. If they follow you into the real tight caves to try and get an evolve dome then they get the meat grinder treatment in the cramped quarters.


I quickly made a little picture. Not for weather control, but you should get the idea

With the help of the planet scanner and the other tools of the trapper, you should always know where the monster is. But since the monster’s movement speed is faster than the hunter’s, just running behind him won’t help you catch up.
The general rule here is: Don’t follow him around big loops (like the big rock at the bottom of the map in that picture), but cut him off on the other side.

On a side note: If you are playing monster and feel like you can't run away from the hunters, as they always catch up, run straight through the center of the map as far as you can. Because then, there's no way for the hunters to cut your path off.


Ah, alright. Makes a lot of sense when you put it that way. Thank you.

Thanks, this will actually help my monster play out too.