How to play vs a Sunny team?


I played a very smart Sunny team. The Sunny would boost Griffin, then the Assault right behind him. Not only could I never escape, I couldn’t even pounce due to the proximity of another teammate. How do I even counter something like this? I was caught stage one due to a lucky direction choice (no birds or tracks), and could not shake them for the rest of the match. This really isn’t fun and I can’t seem to find a way to counter play this, especially if they find me at all at stage one.


Ignore the assault, unload all your abilities on Griffin. THEN run. Griffin can do jack all to a monster headed TOWARDS him, and a heavy melee coupled with burst abilities does alot of damage in a short time. Hell if you have three points in your big burst damage ability, you basically just got a free strike on Griffin. Down him, and the next time they try that, down him again. If they’re dumb enough to do that a third time… you just got a free stage up.


My problem is when this happens stage one. If they see me stage one with a Sunny, it feels like it’s just game over as I cannot get away any more and my abilities don’t do enough damage to easily down Griffin.


What’s your loadout? I always take three levels of RT, LS, WB and LB for each of the three monsters. At stage 1. Well, on behemoth I’ll throw in a tongue grab instead of the third level of lava bomb sometimes. It hits like a truck, and allows you to quickly kill the trapper. After he’s been hit with the ability, all that’s left is to attack him a few times.


I may have to give that a try. I was going with 1 in 3 abilities for mobility, but maybe rock throw is better. Also, do you have the same strat with a Laz+Sunny or no?


try and get to stage 2 at least before fighting head on. I think the best way would be to target sunny and bait Laz and then incap him for a strike. I also hate versing Laz he’s very tedious lol.


Pretty much. Only difference is I trade in three points in LS at stage 2 for 3 points in fire breath at stage 2. More reliable when dealing with Laz. Although if Sunny is boosting him in, you may just want to go three points in LS. That beam may as well be a targeting reticle. As well as are any dead bodies whenever Laz suddenly disappears. The drone is just as bad (or good :wink: ) in this regard. If the Laz is going in on his own, FB is the better choice, since you want to reveal him and give him other things to think about. Like putting out those flames.


@evolv: As mentioned previously, I can’t get to stage 2 on occasion, because I can never get free vs a Sunny team.

@Garrus: I’ll have to give those a try. And hope that teams don’t get super lucky on random direction choosing at the start of a match.


There isn’t really a counter to it unfortunately.

If you have a decent trapper they will have saved all their jetpack fuel to dodge you until the rest of the team gets there. Sunny will also boost more then one member of the team to keep them safe as well like the medic or assault. Downing the trapper won’t really matter either way since now the team will be on your ass for the rest fo the game and you’ll not likely get a chance to evolve without taking damage


If the trapper is down, juking usually becomes rather easy. Especially at stage 1.


The assault and medic will get boosted after you and never really give you a break. Meanwhile Sunny will revive the trapper and then they will both be on your ass or trying to cut you off


If the medic and assault are after you on their own, then down the medic. Not that hard. And Sunny’s booster does need to recharge. If she boosted the assault and trapper to you, odds are that she’s out of juice, and it should not take you that long to down the trapper. If they’re dumb enough to split the team like that, just KILL the medic outright. Not even Torvald can punish you enough to prevent this if you keep moving. For that matter, you COULD also kill the trapper outright on the previous encounter. I just generally don’t because with the medic there as well it becomes rather risky. But if those tow are the only ones there… Not a bad idea.


It’s really not that easy. The medic will try to stay behind the assault and won’t even come near you. I guarantee the sunny will have capacity increase or recharge on ammo. Trapper will also cc the crap out of you and you won’t be able to do anything


… Look. Sunny is not a god of death. “Try to stay behind the assault.” Try is the key word here. Get to them, focus them down. Use burst damage and melee to do the trick. It really is that easy. Your traversals cover more distance than the jetpack can. If she has just boosted the medic and the assault, then she won’t be boosting in the trapper. Between the two, she will have burned through her juice. The cliffs and ledges they need to scale to follow you should have ensured that. The fact she needs to revive the trapper adds even more delay. That’s more than enough time to get the down. And if you feel the situation is too risky, just run. She can’t keep them on your tail past that intial boost. Just traverse away. If they insisit on chasing and burn their own fuel to reach you, well, then they just got themselves up a creek without a paddle. 2v1, the monster WILL win.

And lest we forget, the trapper already should have a strike from trying to pull the same stunt earlier. If they get boosted ahead of the team again, give him another strike. If he dies, than just get some distance and evolve. Taking a little damage during the evolution doesn’t matter if they can’t trap you in with them while you don’t have armor.


There’s really no way around it, you need to be able to take down the Trapper. I’ve played a few decent Monsters who beat Sunny teams and they did so with smart focusing order - which is really the key to taking down any comp - and taking advantage of those moments when the Trapper is separated from others. You should be able to DPS almost anyone down, especially without Hank & Caira both around. Shield drone can’t be pointed everywhere and the Trapper will probably be an easy target before one is set up within range. If you’re embroiled in a fight and can’t overcome healing your only other choice is focusing the Medic down, but downing the Trapper should be your priority at Stage 1.


When you’re far enough away sunny cant boost either so the assault and medic WILL fall behind, so just run across the map that will gather some distance. And the trapper cant CC you until he is put back up and someone needs to stay there to pickup the trapper so you do buy some time.

Lazarus you should maybe try and get more down then, spread the damage on Lazerus&trapper before you down the trapper. Most likely Laz will need to use the cloak then before the trapper is down and the Support would need to stand close to the trapper to cloak Lazarus, so you could get a 3in1 as Lazerus needs to get there, support needs to be close there too to help lazerus get the trapper up and…yea they could get in trouble as standing to close together gives to an advantage to damage multiple hunters at once and Lazarus is bad at healing.


If the team is well coordinated? You DON’T counter it. You keep trying running until you die. Because Caira will keep Sunny up with the speed boost and Sunny will keep Griffin SPAMMING harpoon with the jetpack boost. And when you will stop to try a strike you will get the shield to deal with and huge DPS from the mininuke and whatever assault there is.
Than you come here on the forums to explain how OP this combo is and you prepare for the hunter players to tell you how much you suck at monster. Don’t even bother tagging @Macman or another TRS member since the meta they will post here will prove you wrong about any OPness and prove the hunters explaining to you how noob you are right.


It doesn’t matter when it happens. Evolve has 1 truth:

You either deal damage and force them to give you space or you don’t deal damage and let them do whatever the hell they want. Start learning to fight at stage 1. Just go loud everytime and feed feed feed until you are ready to evolve. Now the hunters should show you think about a good place to fight them, try to go there and fight.

You will become better and better at it so you can deal out pressure like a true monster.