How to play lazaruz, in depth guide to becoming a god

  • Don’t chase the monster being in-front of everyone and thinking you’re going to accomplish something.
  • Stop shooting the monster thinking you’re doing something as all it does it give it a stamina boost.
  • Let the trapper and assault go ahead unless you split in 2s, in which stay with the assault.
  • Hide at all times during a fight instead of being right near him spamming your sniper and avoid his sight, don’t run in to res straight away when the monster is there.

There you go, the complete guide to becoming a godly lazarus, I know it may be hard for some brains to understand that running face first into a monster is actually a bad idea and shooting it before we even engage is also a bad thing, and lastly running away from markovs mines is also not the best idea when you’re being pressured, the best bit is that this can also apply to all medics for the most part.

Tl;DR? stop being a complete liability when you’re supposed to be the one to stay alive whilst we support you if a monster is on you, I would think at level 30+ that people would improve…somehow I was wrong.