How to play Lazarus


Alright so laz is apparently a hot topic and I’m tired of seeing buff /nerf thread and he is a good medic in his own way so I figured I’d solve the problem and teach people how to play him.
step 1 to playing games with laz never ever ever pick laz if you don’t know your support and your trapper
step 2 stay either outside of domes or on the edges of domes with a pre-planned escape into your support
step 3 pretend that your jet pack fuel has only enough for 1 burst in it until your targeted cause you need it for emergencies
step 4 communication (this should seem sort of obvious but you know laz can heal enough to change a monsters mind sometimes after they escape and to make sure you separate out support and medic near each other but a good distance from the trapper
step 5 when someone dies how to get them up
you have two types of monsters batters and campers they both have easy counters with the right people alive
baiters) batters are the ones who are only a stamina boost away and can get there and stop you before you get them up normally
to counter these either counter bait the monster out and use your trappers crowd control or do my favorite lock the monster in a dome with trapper and preferably support while the body is on the other side this will work best on baiters rather than campers but works on both if you can get them far enough off a body
campers) well for this my suggestion is to one attempt to bait them slightly off with an appetizing assault or support and dome trick the other option is to do what we all want to do in the GPS game and destroy all the campers just light him up so hard he has two options leave or lose nearly all of your health one 20% debuff on health won’t game change 4 to five bars of health will game change
step 6 someone dies your the leader make a judgement call on if you think he’ll stay or not so you know if you need to drop the dome for a dome trick or what and you need to be the one who tells support when to team cloak and when not to always tell your teammates to die in open spots whenever possible
and lastly realize laz is a small man with a large shadow
meaning he is one of the scariest medics to try and counter but one of the most beatable he has more survivability than the other medics so just make sure that support takes care of you trapper and himself when in a dome

also any one with anything to add I will add it to the main post and give you credit for your portion happy lazing remember it’s more effective to treat the disease than the symptoms



also i may not main laz but I play with the best laz on playstation and we have had in depth discussions about him so I’m not clueless and I know what I’m talking about having a trapper perspective your always thinking of tricks on how to cheat the system cause that’s well his job to be a pain in the arse but that’s a little off topic any tricks or strats feel free to share I’ll add them to the post



Step 1: Don’t play Laz
Step 2: Win
(Jk, Laz is only good if your team is good, thats all)



did you read step 1 that is basically what I said if you’re playing with randoms



Yes, but in randoms, a single bad player will drag you down every time. You need an entire good team, otherwise you’ll be screwed. You say Support and Trapper.
In all honesty, I’d say a good a Assault is far more valuable than either, since he has the fire power to keep them off of bodies.
If assault goes down, no one is getting kept off a body, since theres no one really there to threaten him



assault is great but it’s not as safe I find he’s not as tricky and most everyone can mess up a body camping monster as assault



There’s already posts like this. I find the one with the most meaning is @Silverborn discussion on how to effectively use Laz, and what synergies make him the most useful.

I have a much less in depth post here:

Bear in mind, his response covers a whole bunch of peoples posts. You can read through the whole thing if you wish.

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You can carrie as Laz in pubs.

But there is no way you will beat a serious monster.

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I prefer Parnell/Cabot to keep the monster off the corpse. ^.-

Or Torvald, works well too.

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If you try and go into pubs with Laz, against a serious monster player, you will be butchered. IF you have a decent team that gears itself toward working around Lazzy’s weaknesses and boosting his strengths, you will be scarily good. My personal favorite is Parnell + Cabot + Abe. Ridiculously good.



laz doesn’t carry teams teams carry laz





Laz is a crotchety old man with a really creepy attitude, he can’t even carry himself ಠ_ಠ



I’m Lazarus #15 on the leaderboard, so I’m sort of an expert, thank you very much.



Well I’m #10 on the Leeterboards so get shrekt

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Don’t use leaderboard ranks to justify skill. It’s just dumb. I can tell from reading your posts that you’re a good Laz, Talha. If you wanted more evidence you could give a video.

And Laz carries pubs against a bad Monster, but against a good Monster, he needs pubs to carry him.



just won 4 evac matches in a row with laz,bucket,crow



As a Goliath user I would love facing Laz over a Caira or Slim. I chalk up Laz games as wins as soon as I see his bald ass head on the selection screen.



Same here, besides last night when I was drunk and didn’t realize I was facing Laz…