How to play Behemoth ? Can anyone give me some tips?

I usually play goliath/meteor goliath. I used to play wraith but i feel like she is UP now. I like behemoth and his abilites but my main problem is almost all the time i got caught at stage 1. And i think i can’t roll effectively. I always sneak unless they got maggie as trapper but i feel like it is hard to escape with behemoth unless you have a clear path. And even the small trees can stop him while rolling and sometimes it bounces of walls :confused: And i have no idea which abilities should i unlock and how many points should i give to them. So i would be really happy if someone esspecialy the good behemoth players could give me some tips.

Don’t bother sneaking as Behemoth, I just roll right from the start to get as much distance as I can from the hunters and it usually works out good

Fight where you want to fight. Try to isolate hinters with tongue grab and rock wall. Combo you abilities for Max damaga

Which abilities should i unlock at which stages ? And which perk should i get ?

I tend to go with 2 rockwall and 1 fissure at stage one. Feeding speed as my perk. As others have said, create as much distance in the beginning, only really sneaking when duking hunters. If caught, rockwall allows you to close off certain areas, and fissure gives a solid damaging ability. At stage 2, I tend to pick 1 lavabomb, 1 fissure and 1 tonguegrab, to better take on the hunters. When I hit stage 3, I max out lavabomb and fissure. Then just tonguegrab a person, rockwall behind him, fissure, lavabomb, and heavy melee if needed. Rinse and repeat for the other 3.

You COULD switch rockwall and tonguegrab in terms of points (2 tonguegrab, 1 rockwall), in which case it is like this:
S1: 1 rockwall, 1 lavabomb and 1 fissure
S2: 1 tonguegrab, 1 lavabomb and 1 fissure
S3: 1 tonguegrab, 1 lavabomb and 1 fissure

Thanks a lot. I will try it as soon as possible.

IDK what rank you are , but in Bronze/Low Silver sneaking helps you eat early , And get 2nd quickly. I use 2 lava bomb and 1 fissure and use my ablities on wildlife for quick kills. ( I like to kill elite wildlife) but since I’m always going for the elite wild life, if the hunters come the lava bomb is best used on their elevation points or espace routes. The less climbing the better.

Try to not use your stamina completely always leave about a quarter of it to roll away.

The roll its self is pretty deadly use it to put some space between you and the hunters and use it to engage a combo/ close the gap example: a roll followed up by a basic then a fissure and ended with a rock wall will deal some serious damage and knock a hunter pretty damn far once spereated try throwing a rock wall behind you to keep the rest of the team away.

Try taking movement speed or eat speed (a must for facing laz) as the behemoth requires the most energy to stage up with the bonus eat speed it doesn’t take nearly as long allowing you to stage up before the hunters find you.

Ability wise I always take
S1, 1 lava bomb, 1 rock wall, 1 fissure
S2 1 lava bomb , 1 tounge grab, 1 rockwall
S3 1 rockwall, 1 lavabomb, 1 fissure.
I wouldn’t really recommend tounge grab as it has a major tendancy to just not work when needed.
Good combos are the key to winning

If hunters try using the jump off edge jet pack back up trick on you simply climb to the top and drop down fscimg them mid drop hit them with a basic they will fall to the ground allowing you to roll on them and knock them away from said ledge or try climbing a near by ledge and roll towards it and grab on it is faster then claiming from the bottom and usually catches them off gurad.

General tip for laz as well try to save the rock wall for when someone is about to die and throw it right by them and creep up for the eat renders laz realtivly useless.

If you are going for a sneaky start try rolling one way for a tad then sneaking back and going the opposite way and leave as little tracks as possible

I typically take 2 wall 1 fissure with my build aswell but here is some more general advice that is important.

Getting to 2 is the most important part of the game, when you get to level 2 the game evens out, also sneaking does work with behemoth in my experiance just eat slowly and wait a bit for the hunters to drop and pick a direction that your hopefully not at.

Now around the time you get to stage 2 full armor behemoth, you should get to a place you like and lay in wait and attack them, behemoth has the tools of a great ambush predator and can down someone very quickly if tongue grab and wall are used.

The very first few seconds of an ambush are the most important and will make the difference on if they go down or not.

Do this until your around half health or they have quite a few strikes on them (sit on your evolve if you have too)

Tongue Grab the Medic or Support in a decent location and you win. Learn the combos. Use the combos. Behemoth is ENTIRELY dependent on TG combos.

What you don’t want to do as Behemoth (EVER) is ignore TG. It’s vital for him because you want to bring the hunters to you. Without it you’re going to struggle, even with Climbing Speed they can still get away.
Stage 1: 1 RW, 1 TG, 1 LB
Stage 2: 2 RW, 1 TG, 2 LB, 1 F
Stage 3: 2 RW, 2 TG, 3 LB, 2 F

A Longer TG to grab Hunters from a further distance will help.
You also don’t want to max 1 ability in S1 or S2, having the most abilities possible helps because if you miss a lot with that 1 ability, high chances you will lose health without gaining any strikes on the Hunters.

Feeding speed is so dope on behemoth especially with laz being huge now. Rock wall at 2 and eat all the bodies. Also helps in bad corners if you can find food. Worth experimenting with.

I run 1 FB, 1TG, and 1RW. You can use TG to stand under cover and pull wildlife to you to avoid birds early on. RW and FB are defensive at stage 1 against a good team. Against a poor team TG, FB, and RW are all you need to win at stage 1. Use movement speed so you can better create distance from the hunters and press melee attacks in a dome to get that last hit for a down in a combo.

Stage 2 you go 2 TG, 1 LB, and either 1 or 2 in RW or Fissure. If you want more defense you put 2 in RW, more offense you put 2 in fissure. 2 in fissure makes it travel faster, same with 2 in TG. Against a good team you will need to pull them out of position using TG and fight in favorable terrain.

You have to learn when to use and when to save your rock wall since it has a long cool down. Don’t RW immediately, unless against a lone hunter to keep them contained. Wait until they are already low on health and use it to trap them for a down or to block support from other hunters. Tip: Rock wall works pretty well against annoying hunters on high terrain who are protecting a team mate. It knocks them back and blocks LOS, usually forcing them to use jetpack which makes them vulnerable to a LB or TG once the wall comes down. Go after the assault if they are aggressive, if you can down the assault early it takes a lot of pressure off of you.

Favorable terrain is obviously caves or tight canyons without climbable walls, but really anywhere where you can deny long LOS. You have to force the hunters to fight at close quarters to have the advantage. A good team will spread out and keep their distance while constantly taking away your health, when you chase them they will kite you mercilessly. If you are able to force them closer in order to damage you then you can take the fight to them. If you are taking lots of damage and not making any headway you need to disengage and find better terrain to fight. If you can’t get an early down play defensively at stage 1. You must learn to TG well. Be able to use it against jet packing hunters and at distance to catch them off guard. Until the TG exploits are fixed there will be some annoying escapes, but is your most effective ability to get hunters out of position and prevent them from escaping when they are almost down.