How to play against Abe with Wraith?


Well my first lose after a 9 winstreak with wraith was against Abe, Val, Hank, Hyde.

as always I try to fight them with stage 2 and full armor. The problem was I had like 0,0 ms in the dome. and the one I focused just got healed or shielded… I skilled like this: 3 WB 2 Abbduction 1 Decoy (starting mostly with decoy althought its dumb against hyde …). So question is how to get rid of the perma slow from Val + Abe.


You won’t get rid of the slow. You need to play around it with proper traversal management. The only thing this combo has going for it is punishing a Monster that’s out of traversals while being out of position (in line of sight) at the same time.

Closely watch your traversals and your positioning and if necessary break line of sight to build up enough traversals again to safely disengage after an engagement.

Against that specific setup it takes about 3 Warp Blast cd’s to get a strike. Priority here is Hank to force cloak > if he is low he can’t be healed safely without healing burst > switch targets and force Hank on his shield > re initiate on Hank and you usually got a strike on him against this setup. If Hank is down this whole setup pretty much crumbles like any Laz setup does with Laz being down. Wraith players often underestimate the healing potential of Val on a single target with dmg reduction perk and tend to overcommit without properly spreading damage and building up pressure.

So overall it’s all about traversalmanagement, forcing healing burst and getting Hank down first.

edit: About that build, you might consider dropping Abduction or Decoy for different stage 2 skills. Abduction is a generally lackluster skill against that comp if you can’t reliably focus Hank with it exclusively and 1 Decoy wastes precious time in which you need to keep up the pressure on a Hank/Val comp.

Either 3 points in decoy if you are confident in your rng or 2 Supernova 1 Abduction. The big attack arc of 2 Supernova lets you stay on Hank after he uses his cloak and forces Val on her Healing Beam. Even 3 Supernova works when focusing Val to completely burn Hanks shield in roughly 4 seconds to force his Orbital and on the next SN get a down on Val. SN costs alot of health but if even one of the Hank/Val comp drops you can easily pick up the rest.


Man I know how it feels to verse a perma-slow team. One game, I got so frustrated I gave up 2 bars of health at stage one to kill Val. It was worth it. Not only did her reduced health plus poor self-defence make her an easier target later, but I also got to stage 3 with ease from the lack of tranqs.

I am not saying you should bum rush Val, but consider trying to pick one of them off. That team is very reliant on each other ( more-so than usual ), without hank, Val dies very easily, without Val, everyone dies easily.

Just a dump of weaknesses and points here

  • Val has poor self defence
  • Abe can be very easily avoided early game with a lack of tracking skills
  • ( as you have identified ) Hyde punishes you for using decoy, consider using it more tactically or taking supernova instead, which could burst through their shields and heals
  • Val gets easily overrun when multiple people start taking damage. This team has only single-target protection, hitting multiple people could make them fall.
  • This team involves a lot of kiting, slowing you down and running around you. You could try cornering them to help that. Be careful though, cornering the trapper or assault while they are being healed/shielded could be bad.
  • Use your traversals like money at the shops, only use them if you know you will get something out of them, or try and conserve them.

Hope this helps, even though I am not a professional player by any definition :smile:.


Thanks your right, I might have failed the traversalmanagement. Well I could have easily avoided them and stage up to 3 but thats pretty useless without any strikes? But overall the tipps were good, because I thought its the best thing to focus val but hank should be the better target. Thanks for the help!