How to obtain Exclusive Exterminator Weapon Skins other than gamestop?


So gamestop refuses to sell to anyone outside of their located country, Im from the Netherlands and we dont have a gamestop here.

Anyway, Im dying to play the game as soon as it launches but I (pre-orderer by nature) havent been able to pre-order Evovle yet, since I cant preorder the game along with the weapon skins anywhere other than gamestop that wont deliver to me… FML

Anyone has a suggestion or answer to my first world problem?
Thanks in advance!

PS: please dont post anything like ‘I dont like skins anyway, so you should not either’


I don’t have the answer you are looking for, but maybe it will be possible to purchase the skins post launch as DLC?


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TLDR parts are the best whenever reading stuff xd i skip quite a bit.

but yea MAYBE future dlc.


I actually dont hope so(given that I can acquire them before launch)
I want the item to be exclusive to the people that bought the game upfront. As sort of ‘thank you’, that is non-influential to the game. (purely cosmetic)


Yeah, that makes sense. I kind of wanted the skin as well, but I eventually came to terms with the idea of not having it. I just don’t like Gamestop.


Still a problem to him. doesn’t matter if you think it’s insignificant.


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So first, the weapon skin you speak about is savage goliath ? Because it’s a skin for the monster, not for a weapon ^^ anyway, i’m not sure to fully unerstand your problem, but you know if you pre-order online (by steam, or something like that) to get a key, you will get the pre-order bonuses ? and to finish, savage goliath will be in a dlc with the 4th monster when it will be released u_u that means every body will be able to get him by paying…


No, gamestop gives extra preorder bonus; some weapon skins other stores give the tier 2 extra while other stores don’t give anything.



Correct. ALL pre-orders come with first DLC monster for free and the Savage Goliath skin.
Gamestop adds Exterminator Weapon Skins.
Amazon has the second tier of Hunters already unlocked.

So far, those are the only 2 stores that have something in addition to the normal pre-order bonus of Savage Goliath skin + 4th DLC monster for free.


Thanks for the replies guys, but Im sure that everyone that is into preorder exclusiveness already knows these basics - so am I.
Does anyone here as any experience with third parties such as ?


Nope, never mess with them.



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I dug around online and it looks like Gamestop delivers to a bunch of countries, but only to mailing addresses, not PO Boxes. They list the price to ship to the Netherlands at $19.99.

Here’s the link I found that information on:

I guess at least they have the ability to ship internationally, but you can’t make the purchase because you live in the Netherlands even though it’s online?

Not sure if any of this helps or not but thought I’d give it the ol college try.


Slightly off topic but on the site there’s no mention of the weapons but on there is a little annotation advertising them. Does this mean the game wont come with the skins if ordered from the UK site?