How to merge accounts cross-platform?


So I was thinking maybe I’d get into the S2 beta and see if my potato of a laptop can solve the 'Volve, as it were. However, having bought stuff and ground on the Xbox version, I didn’t want to not make the transfer for nothing. Hence the question I pose to you: can I use my My2k account to get all the stuff I have on Xbox on PC, as well as founder benefits?


I don’t believe you can.


Unfortunately you cannot merge profile as of right now. I don’t know if TRS has this in mind either.


One day… the dream will be real…


Well, guess I won’t bother, then. 'Tis a shame, I was hoping to get in on that free Griffin skin.


TRS does know about the cross account cross platform linking, this was my first concern too once Stage 2 launched haha. But it is something they are looking into in the near future for people who would like to do this.


I was watching @StealthShampoo and @tAg_DaMonster the other day tring to get a answer out of @mizx and I don’t think 2K is going to let it happen anytime soon.


This is from the Stage 2 and Consoles thread: