How to make trapper better


So trapper don’t get me wrong it’s a pretty important roll he got tracking and cc which is great but why don’t just call him tracker??!!

So i thought would be cool if the dome time is increased by 35 sec to all other hunter ( support, medic, assault) so it would be 1:45 sec but trapper can dome at 1:10 that way everybody can still dome but trapper is still way more efficient than the others?

Your thoughts?


Trapper is called such because they have the CC (harpoons, etc).

If all they did was use the scan and chase then I would agree that the name “Tracker” is more appripriate, but with the CC, Trapper fits too


i’m agreed with some buffs for trapper


Maybe they could give monsters a reason to aim trapper. Maybe the dome timer is reduced more on trapper incap.
It would be a buff to monsters, but it would help spread out who is aimed for Hunters. You aim Medic to reduce healing, you aim Support to remove Utility, aim Assault to remove damage, and now you can aim trapper to get out the dome faster.


yes! whenever I play trapper I feel kinda useless? spamming 4 around and shooting stuff now and then
trapper used to be a VERY important class, I don’t enjoy playing it as much as I did before.


No one can say traper is useless,cc and little dmg bonus surely helps but I can imagine 3vs1 game without trapper without significiant change.
I can not really imagine to not have medic assault or support, with val[slowing dart] You sometimes do not notice that trapper is dead.

:^) If you would throw planet scan as 5.skill for every character[shared cooldown] you could remove trapper from game.

I’m up for giving him something that make him actually matter for team be it positive or negative.


each of the have little gimmicks to make the monster not get away or sneak past them and without that the support medic and asssault


yeah, that’s what I meant. I often play with good hunters who end up finding the monster before the trapper.
sure thing it takes a lot of weight off trapper’s shoulders, but it gives more pression to the other roles inside the dome. most monsters I’ve played with only focus the trapper when he’s the last one alive


I see crow as example of good trapper design because of his armor bypass utility
maybe give all trappers some utility passives? Monsters are going to get/already got passives so it is ideal time to balance it around that. Like: Abe if you are close to monster deregen its shield 0.5% per second.
Wasteland Maggie-Wmaggie will replace herself for Maggie and become instantly useful for team.



The title for this thread is how to make trapper better-

And to do so you then then propose nerfs to characters other than the trapper. I know theres a cup half full / half empty thing going on here- But it seems kind of like the wrong direction to go?

And whats the reason for something like this? Is there some semblance of balance here? Or purely because-

[quote="Cliforcastillo, post:1, topic:101329"
thought would be cool

I think some people get too focused on the name of a role. “Its not a trapper anymore, anyone can trap the monster, now they just track the monster. It should be tracker”. But if thats the route we want to go- Cant we simply say the trapper is the one who strongly assists the team in trapping the monster?

Dont get me wrong- Dont intend to bust your balls or burst your bubble or anything. Im just not following the train :frowning:


I don’t think people would react nicely nowadays after all this time with the meta being so enforced and all but I wish crowd control overall had a bigger deal when fighting the monster. To be honest surviving depends 90% medic/support ability to mitigate damage and your ability to dodge and roach (OMG THE ROACHING). I wish roaching was less effective - no idea how to do it though - and instead trapper doing his job could severly limit monster movement in dome. Harpoons break so easily and appart from griffin who can time it so it actually cancels a transversal or ability, meggie’s usually break randomly either hit by AoE or random melees. Stasis don’t really do that much against any monster besides Goliath for climbing and bob. Goliath can mitigate it, still, if using traversal.

It’s no wonder most trappers currently run poison perks or even direct damage increase (by increasing capacity) as Abe cause they’ve become mostly lesser assaults with moderate CC. I guess I’d feel a lot more relevant and impactful if my weapons were to deal less damage but monster actually had reason to kill me so they get free from CC.

As a monster I’ve also noticed trapper became less priority than even the assault as he can’t get invincible anymore and killing him takes a lot of pressure of negating damage


give Daisy a gun and jetpack and she’s better than waggie. also, yes, that’d do the job. I think its better not to buff trapper tho, we gotta think about the poor lil monsters too }:
I personally liked @icecubez 's ideia, though it’d take time for players to adapt. I think it’s worth it though.
make the trapper a bigger distraction inside the dome. this could be advantageous for hunters or monster, depending on coordination.


Yeah…I mean, if you remove Trapper and significantly buff the stats of the other Hunters it could still potentially be balanced, just harder to track.

But you cannot say the same for other classes. Remove Assault and there’ll never be enough damage, remove Support/Medic and your team has no backbone, etc.

Trapper used to be a cornerstone, equal to the others. Now, it’s still vital, don’t get me wrong, but not like before.[quote=“dabbu, post:12, topic:101329”]
give Daisy a gun and jetpack and she’s better than waggie.

Give a Reaver a jetpack and more health and it’s better than Waggie.


Well I’m on console and me and my friends have decided to leave the dome to the trapper when stage2 is released.


I don’t think this nerfs or messes up the balance in any sort of way just that trapper can dome earlier than the other roles so if you want to add pressure then trapper needs to be doming cause if he doesn’t the monster got 30 extra sec but you still can dome this will reward the trapper while still everybody can dome .


Currently in the game, it encourages splitting the team up to cover more ground, so with your proposed change in mind, if the team is split up 2/2, the monster has a 50% chance of being domed 30 seconds earlier. With the cross-class variants, telling characters by the smell silhouette is slightly harder.

Sure you can kill the trapper to get rid of the possibility of 30 seconds reduction to the next dome, but then no hunter would dome you without a full team anyway. You could have killed any other hunter and achieved the same if not better results. This means that the trapper is insignificant to the monster, just a nuisance, which is the same as it is right now.

Also, even with the trapper planetary scanner, it’s 50/50 depending on the monster in case of it double backing, so it’s not even up to skill that you happen to bump into the monster 30 seconds earlier for a dome. It’s a buff, but it does nothing in terms of skill, it just differentiates the classes more. The only change for the hunters would be that the trapper needs to chase the monster, which it should be doing in the first place. There would be no playstyle difference on either side.

Back in legacy, trappers were the only one who could dome, which gave them an important role to perform in the Hunter’s side. And if you wanted the dome to get down, you had to incap the trapper, which made the trapper an important character to the Monster. Which is balanced cause the class is important to both sides. You need to give or rework something to the trapper to make him important on both sides.


Trapper has been reduced to a bot that presses 4.Their damage is meh,their utility is limited and their cc is easily countered or ignored except crow maybe

I only like jack cause he is the only one the monster doesnt shit on when he uses his cc

Btw i love your idea


I don’t understand your point but what j get is that you’re saying this change doesn’t make a difference???

Which if is the case thats the point every character can still dome no problema and if trapper is not doming its till ok but don’t say a good trapper with this change won’t be game changing for both sides if the trapper keeps a a lot pressure on the monster and if you go an offensive comp or chase comp the difference is huge the monster won’t be able to feed in peace without getting dome .
While bad trappers the monster will have more time to feed and evolve