How to make the game better!



Hello everyone, long time evolve player/founder here. I wanted to write up a review/suggestions on how to improve the new ‘raid’ coop mode “The Deep Dark.”


I will start by a short description of my experience in the game. I am a competitive player who often times stays around silver skilled and silver destroyer, mostly playing with randoms or sometimes a group of friends. I often prefer playing survivors for the coop experience, but won’t hesitate picking up monster once in a while.

My first experience on “The Deep Dark”

I spent about fifteen minutes searching and leaving and map vetoing in matchmaking attempting to get the new map. It was dreadful and frustrating trying to simply play the new mode. I would have even been happy playing custom games with bots just to experience the map.

In the new map

I spawned in the game as trapper with no idea what was coming. I immediately noticed planet tracker was disabled. This felt a little unfair as every other hunter still had all their skills. The giant footsteps was a cool thing to see. Unfortunately the boss doesn’t live up to its hype. It doesn’t appear that much bigger than the original gorgon. It was just an AI gorgon with a new skin.

The baby gorgon

The baby gorgon served no purpose as we traveled through the very small map. They randomly would spawn as we traveled and instantly obliterated them. The mother gorgon only had two instances of interacting with us before the big fight at the end which served no purpose.

Map progression

The small engagements and fights you have thought the map have no relevance to the outcome of the boss battle. You might as well just spawn the players at the hybrid gorgon instead of wasting their time traveling through the scripted combat to get the the end.

The final battle

The final battle was decent enough for it to be a game mode. It had little gorgon babies running around and a big gorgon singling out survivors. But that was pretty much it. There was no stages, no bigger challenge. It was easy, fast, and simple. I did not want to play another game. Between the search times and the announcer yelling at me constantly I felt a sense of dread getting myself trapped in another game.

My Suggestions to improve the game type

  1. Make it it’s own game mode tab ‘raid mode.’ - [trying to get the map is frustrating and should not be as much of a hassle as it is.]

  2. Add more challenges to the fights, make this game mode a real challenge, make it frustrating, make it an achievement to beat! We already have coop AI for casual players to pick up and play for fun. Give the veterans something to work towards beating. - [it feels empty and way too casual for it to be replay able.]

  3. Add stages to the fights or remove the traveling scripted fights all together. - [the entire travel time to get through the map is a waste off time and doesn’t have an impact on the end fight. Either give us chances to actually hurt the monster or change the map in our favor due to decisions or performance prior to the end fight, or remove it completely.]

  4. Don’t remove an entire ability from one class (the trapper) just remove the direction compass and keep the movement speed. At least it will help the trapper in a fight. - [singling out a class doesn’t feel right.]

  5. Remove the announcer after your first time playing the map. - [we don’t need to hear the same line cues every time.]

  6. When fighting the monster, let it run away in an area we can’t engage it and evolve/heal to become stronger so feel a sense of challenge and excitement. - [such as every Mmo boss ever.]

  7. Remove the drop ship and make the person run from checkpoints we collected traveling through the Map. - [a personal preference to give even more challenge and difficulty. Dropping in on an AI fight doesn’t feel cool or challenging.] and would give us a reward and a purpose for traveling through the map.

  8. Change up the map a bit every time you play it. - [I know you guys know what I’m talking if you have ever played left 4 dead. It would be easy adding a few variants in the maps we play. Maybe even egg spawn locations?]

  9. Give the AI monster a bunch of randomized perks to increase difficulty and diversity. - [going against a monster with 6 or 7 randomized perks would definitely increase the challenge and randomized feeling to the game without having to rework much of the actual AI combat.]

In summary these are the top suggestions I have just after a few play throughs. I hope my suggestions help lean this awesome new game mode into the right direction. I have more suggestions but these are my main concerns and I didn’t want to flood the page with tiny complaints.


Would like to add:
1.) Implement a mini map because a lot of players are unaware of the “tab” button (To bring up the map).

2.) Instead of using the “Prefered role” for matchmaking, I think it would be better to press the “hunt” button, lock in your role (IE: Lock in Medic/ Random, NOT Lock in your specific hunter), and let the matchmaking system work its magic. This will be able to reduce the amount of queue dodgers.

3.) Making the announcement section in the Evolve log-in page BIGGER as many players were unaware of the darkest deep event.



Great suggestions.

I’d like to add:

  • Give us more than 1 type of baby gorgon. let there be 4 types each with their own skill. (white baby gorgons will still have acid spit while scarlet(red) skin gorgons could have web snare or spider trap or mimic. this would make the game mode much more chaotic and probably harder as you might want to focus the gorgon babies with the dangerous skills first.


The three major problems I had when I played it first were:
It wasn’t fun.
There was no challenge.
And there was no replayability.

Randomized modifiers to make the Queen/mode more difficult. For example: Some gorgons pounce, gorgon eggs hatch faster, the Queen’s acid lasts forever, the Queen no longer has to channel mimic, ETC.
Improve the fighting AI.
Make the Gorgon Queen distinct from regular Gorgons. I.E. A new model, different abilities, ability modifiers, or even just environmental modifiers like the eggs or acid.
Killing mini gorgons/gorgon eggs is a chore/fluff rather than an addition/necessity to the new game mode. Either make them more interesting combatants or craft the situation so that they supplement other opponents better or hazzards.
More challenge/different difficult settings.
Eggs should be destructible 100% of the time. I hated the fact that I couldn’t blow up an egg as soon as I saw it and I had to wait for some arbitrary beam of light to shine on it before it would be destructible.


hey guys is it cool to ask for a “ready up” or “locked in” button? I feel that when selecting your character and buffs people should be notified who has already selected and are “ready up” or “locked in” for the match. May put a fire under player to finish their selection. Or if they are last to select their time is adjusted so players are not waiting for more than a minute while one player takes their time in the select and buff menus.

Also custom load out slots? may cut down on selection time if you can earn like 3 or 4 custom load slots so you have already pre-selected your favorite buff load out for the character and bam you’re done.

awesome game I’m new to the beta as of 1 month so far and it’s just gets better with all the new content and tweaks. Really loved the in game announcer explaining weapons and abilities. It was trial and error to even know what some abilities did before. also map creature buffs light pillars that you could see from a distance was a great addition. they were hard to identify before. Monsters seem more balanced now too in battles with hunters? Am I crazy or was that adjusted?

Thank you guys keep up the great work!


I agree with the built in map instead of a tab toggle. I use the map constantly. as soon as I hit the ground I’m toggling the map I don’t see the point in not having it be there already. Unless there is an option pre-game to select “no maps” to up the match difficulty. Or to open more screen space you could fade map out once you engaged the dome or monster was in your line of sight or monster within a certain distance from hunter?


I think this has been suggested multiple times but for some reason they don’t want to add it. Maybe it should be an option in game settings for players who do want it.