How to Make Sure the Monster Doesn't Eat Your Kills?!


Ok, so after watching the e3 videos and the gamespot perspective videos I thought to myself, “After you kill wildlife, can you destroy the meat?” Because I saw in E3 one of the Monster players stumble across 2 or 3 3-meat snacks and I was wondering if there was a way to clear it off the map yourself as a Hunter rather than just hoping Trapjaws will eat it. Also, can Daisy eat the wildlife? :open_mouth:


So far there’s been no way to remove wildlife from the map


Nothing says you can’t leave some nasty surprises though




All you have to do is leave a turret near a pile of corpses and at the very least they can’t eat them until they kill it… put it in enough of a an annoying spot and boom… food guarded.


I think the best way to stop the monster eating (your kills or its own) is to constantly harass it. Even at stage 3 imo. I have a feeling for random groupfinder missions I am going to be constantly relenting to the rest of the party who wants to fall back and defend at that stage.


Correct me if I am wrong but don’t Bucket’s turrets disappear after a while? Or at least until you throw down another set which destroys the previous ones?


When you kill creatures they immediately start decaying, so while a monster could come later and eat your kills, it will provide less evolve/armor meters (or “meats” as the 2k commentators were calling them during the nerdist tournament). I remember that the devs mentioned they added the decay feature as a way to discourage monsters from simply killing creature as they ran away and coming back to them when it was safer to eat.

I wouldn’t mind something that further encouraged the hunters to kill creatures as a way to slow down monster progression, if so needed. Maybe creatures that are killed by hunters automatically start with one less ‘meat’ as they begin to decay. Also creatures killed by hunters could take a bit longer to respawn.


With any item like Bucket’s turrets, Maggie’s Harpoon traps, Markov’s mines, Griffin’s sound sensors, you can only have 5 on the map at once. We used to have different numbers for each item, but this seemed to be easier to keep track of and less confusing.

So if you put down turrets 1-5 and then put down a 6th turret, the 1st and oldest turret you placed will disappear. I personally never keep track, but I think there are definitely higher level strategies that are possible with turrets denying or harassing Monster feeding as long as you keep track of how many you’re throwing down.


As a monster, I definitely avoide sentry guns that are left behind, even if there is a tasty meal nearby. Not only will I take damage destroying the turret, but Hunters are often within earshot and it’ll give away my position. Effectively, Bucket’s Sentry Guns are able to keep monsters from eating within their attack radius.


Goooood goood rubs hands I like this a lot! :smiling_imp:


So is there not like an indicator to tell you how many turrets, mines or traps you have left to place? Surely that way you could keep track on how many you’ve already placed?


That totally takes the fun out of it. Then you don’t get that moment of:

“Now you’re asking yourself, did you place 4 turrets, or 5…”

Dun dun duuuuun :wink:


Alright, good point! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmmm, I seem to remember there being a small number indicator on the UI for buckets turrets.


That’s how many he can currently throw out I think. So like it might take 20 seconds for a new turret to become available, but only a few seconds to throw all 5 out


Darn it. Now I need to look at that too. Shows you how much time I spend looking at the HUD. There’s usually too much else going on and I’m apparently crap at multitasking in shooters :frowning:

I typically only look at it when I’m wondering if my cooldown is up yet.


It seems to me that if the hunters are doing their jobs correctly they’ll be driving the monster in front of them. Which means that by the time it gets a chance to double back much of the wildlife the hunters may have had to kill will likely have already rotted away.


There is a number by the HUD icon showing how many are planted in the world, but this is confusing to players so we’re looking at representing it with little dots/pills by the icon instead.


I was confused by this yesterday… actually :S