How to make Rescue Mode more playable


It seems people play Hunt, Arena and Defend and as a Monster Rescue Mode is the easiest game to play. So here are my thoughts to make Rescue easier to play as a Hunter as well as still being able to win as the Monster:

1: Strong Survivors
They should be able to put up more of a fight. Giving them the ability to protect themselves like a Assault and deal out damage like a Support. (I don’t know for sure but they do have Jetpacks right?)

2: Quick Revives
Hunters should at least be able to revive colonists a little faster just for that small balence issue.

3: Fast Plays
Hunters should have to retrieve 3 survivors giving only 1 colonist at wave 1, 2 colonists at wave 2 and 4 colonists at wave 3. Monsters on the other hand still have to kill 5. Giving them less time to search around for food to evolve and allowing themselves to be forced to fight. Giving Hunters and advantage.

I think this concludes my suggestion on how to make Rescue a better balanced game.

Thanks for reading!

TL;DR: You can leave :stuck_out_tongue: JK


Well, I assume this is going to change soon with the incap buffs. I don’t think they need to deal a lot of damage, though, certainly not as much as a Support. That would act as a separate Hunter in terms of damage, except they don’t have to worry about utility, so it’s straight shooting. Imagine having three or four at once, the damage would easily rival an Assault with just colonists. Too much IMO.

I also think a revive should be the same, especially with the oncoming incap buffs.


I would like to see both rescue and nest to be more tactical. Both of them seem like a race right now of who can destroy or kill first. However back to topic the issue with rescue isn’t the health or damage its how dumb the AI is (in my opinion of course). Improving the survivor AI’s to be just a bit more self sufficient should be good.


So the AI should be deal damage like a Trapper or Medic?

And I don’t expect them to be a complete Hunter that has a role, I just want the game to be more easy for the Hunters as they do have a hard time going to them take them to the ship and the Monster is already half way to stage 3 before they even get the the drop ship

Another thing is that once all colonists are picked up the Gate should be opened immediately as I have gotten to Stage 3 with half armor in the times the dropship arrived.

  • Had a Minion with me
  • A lot of Wildlife was around me
  • Happened twice : /


I’ve seen genius matches done by hunters against the monster in surviver mode.

Trapper and and support would trap you, while medic and assault saves everyone. Was quiet epic, and I lost, lol.


I would like to see something to balance the game modes more. I’m not sure what it would be, but Rescue seems Monster bias, and I would like to say Nest is Hunter Bias, but Nest is a tough one as it could be looked at as decently balanced.


They should rework this mode into rounds like Arena. Round one, hunters and monster spawn, after 10 seconds boots on ground, a signal flare or vague radar ping then the race begins. If no side reaches/notice additional flares or pings every 3 sec. Survivors should be mobile, low hp and unarmed. 5 survivors total. Survivors are found one at a time. After 5th survivor found, dropship arrives. Hunters must defend until arrival, all the while survivors vulnerable to attack through out. Game ends when remaining survivors exfil. Hunters win match point if 3 survivors live. Monster wins match point if 3 survivors die. If niether side fulfills required survivor save/kill, a draw is called. Best of 3 round wins.


I think somewhere within Trapper damage range would be great, simply because the survivors come back with a strike and are idiots, so they basically eat damage. Still a lot of shooting, but less than assault level. I’d like for them to have slightly altered jetpacks, too. Give them some ability to survive when they run away from the group, which always happens to me.

If the gate opened immediately, the Monster might not have any time to try and ambush. Shortening the timer would be great, though. Maybe half (or a little less) of what it is now. I think the countdown should start once the first is picked up, though, instead of having to get all of them. The last group is what kills me with that. Begin reviving the third one and the first goes down again.


Those are definitely good ideas. Also which Trapper are we talking about, because if I have Abe and there is a Torvald, and a Val or Laz on the team, his shotgun absolutely shreds though monsters. Though I probably shouldn’t say that as Abe is liable to get a nerf on his shotgun and I really don’t want that.


That’s true, but I wasn’t thinking anywhere specific, just somewhere within the range, so if the numbers needed tweaked, they could be. For perspective, though, closer to Maggie is what I had in mind. It’s not a lot of damage by itself, but two or more at once with the full Hunter team is something to be considered before an attack.

It’s not confirmed anywhere, but I’m pretty sure Abe is getting some love this patch. He’s supposed to deal some of the best Trapper damage in exchange for iffy tracking and CC, although, those actually work really well, despite their design. Couldn’t cite the source, but I’m confident he’s not getting a nerf.


I figured as much. That shotgun does huge amounts of damage, and I really do hate his tracking gun. I mean it works and all, especially if you run around the map a couple times shooting everything you have a decent chance of picking up the monster. Though it seems that more often than not any wildlife I tag ends up being killed by the stupid Assault on the team.
Though so long as TRS doesn’t nerf the Vals I will be happy. No nerfs, only buffs. :grin:


Totally agree. If they would just head towards the damn rescue point instead of trying to fight the monster or wild life, that’d be great.


Whether or not the colonists need to do more damage is up for debate, however, they most certainly do need to be harder than wet tissue paper. When a monster wants to kill a Colonist they should have to commit to it far more than they currently have to.

There’s also the fact that the colonists are complete idiots. That also makes the game mode rather unbearable.


I have faith that the incap changes will make balancing Rescue more viable and that they’d consider putting it in Quick Play. Along with this however it’d need some changes to the AI.

A few more things I’d like seeing.

Faster time for the rescue ship to arrive, the way it is now is way too long.
Faster time to revive downed survivors
Damage should be adjusted accordingly,
AI should stick closer to hunters


I’ve looked around a couple times on the Patch 9.0 Speculation thread I don’t think Abe is getting anything down to himself


I looked last night, too. Still, only a small portion of the changes have been released for us to know. Hopefully, I’m not crazy and they really did it say somewhere, but no way to tell until it drops.


Nest makes for a difficult game because the minions are like stage 1, and as a monster at stage 2, you can do a great deal of damage using the minion.

I guessed since they removed relay win it’s balanced, but I’d like to see a rework of the minions.


The dropship time reduced could help out Defend, because Evolve is based around monster having the advantage at stage 3 while hunters have the advantage at stage 1.

A drop is 40 seconds, so it could be fine, but it does need a rework in rescue.

I’d like to see it pick the colonists up at their location rather than the colonists having to go to a specific spot.


I know when I play Nest solo it is tough to win as hunters. That minion can do a lot of damage as you said. When playing with friends it’s a bit of an easier game mode, but I still don’t really like it. I would rather play Rescue against a Wraith most of the times.


The dropship time was increased to 60 seconds from 40 because it provided a toxic strategy for hunters to easily comeback with no strikes and ready to go on the offensive on the monster again. Reducing the timer back down is something that the mode needs changing with.