How to make lennox fun


… Left click for plasma Lance and right click for autocannon.

Two should be a more accurate auto cannon mode.

There you go, you feel like a terminator and his stormbolter while charging into the xenos to exterminate the remains with your power claws.


Sounds good,or remove lance completely and buff the cannon,from all the nerfs lennox get It is easy to say that lance is disliked concept.

:monster can reset it
:need to be close
:if you do not have 100% accuracy it resets
:monster move it resets
:you chase monster,no jetpack to dodge
:can not headshot
:It is nerfed so much that is just not worth effort needed
:kraken laughts

I place lennox under torvald now .


Only because TRS hates rewarding skillful Assault players with high burst damage so even if you’re now the best Lennox player 2016 and constantly maintain that max multiplier you’re still gonna do the same damage as Markov would’ve from a safe distance.

But Lennox was too good against Goliath with said burst damage. Not at all against Kraken.
Considering the amount of other Hunter equipment that Kraken shuts down as well, I’d say the problem lies with Kraken instead of Lennox’ Plasma Lance.


Woot. I don’t care if she is bad or too good. I just want her to feel good and unique.


Fought a premade that used Lennox quite often (they weren’t exactly pro level but I’m an average Goliath too) and I never struggled with Lennox that much. It’s just not that hard to counter her by moving in certain ways or hitting her with collateral IMO.

But I agree so much with OP- Lance in one hand and Autocannon in the other, being able to use them seamlessly like that really would make Lennox feel a million times better.


Your loyalty to the God Emperor is…pleasing.

I find the long reload time on the autocannon rather annoying. When you switch to your lance 'casue you think the Kraken is coming down, but then flies away immediately again. So you switch back to your autocannon and oh look, its still jammed from the reload animation.

But now that you’ve mentioned it, I realise how awesome it would be to have both arms on screen at once.

Yep, it would be awesome.


Unique assault?


Assault is basically 1 hunter with 6 skins

I agree to any idea that changes gameplay of.any assaults.Your idea is great


Speak for yourself, the Lance is my girlfriend irl.


You mean boyfriend


Ok… That might be a bit obscuring. Then again, you are playing a frickin tank.


@GoGoGoliath How do you feel about all these people?

Cause I want to Punch them with the you know what and you know where :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the devs should at least consider this as an option.


@snowkissed listen to the man :slight_smile:


The downside would be that they’d have to either nerf the autocannon damage (since you will always be using it) or the plasma lance (again :frowning: ). Nerfing the autocannon just makes her weaker against monsters like Kraken and nerfing the plasma lance just makes her, well, less fun to play.

Awesome in theory, but probably wouldn’t work in reality…


Works if you want it to work. There is no constraint on why it should not.
I mean right now doesn’t work either, but with number tweaking you eventually get there.


What if plasma lance empowered the bullets somehow? (up to a number)

For example,1 punch = +5 higher damage bullets that do like 50% extra damage.After a while of punching you have max 200 bullets.When they run out you fire normal bullets


that picture just reminds me how obnoxiously big the weapon models are


What if i told you that this is not a thread about balance. And no. Bullets are bullets.


Nah, you are purely exaggerating.
Markov deals 180 vs Lennox’s 200 dps with a full multiplier.
That’s a massive 10% more damage per second for her and it’s obviously makes her even now too strong.

######(In the cataclysm patch, they did actually have the same DPS with 4x on Lennox).


:weary: Fml, Lennox was the hunter I forgot to Elite whilst Overpowered weekend was going on.