How to make it difficult to stat-pad in this game


I was recently watching a popular Twitch streamer in this game, and when the performance came up for him, the global gas grenade performance was at something like 44k. While it was possible that the misnomer could have been due to statistics being inconsistent over the weekend (they were at zero for many performance reviews), it prompted me to think about how players could easily stat-pad in this game to get a ton of experience early on. So, here are some suggestions to the developers on how to avoid stat padding, while still catering to the community.

  1. If five friends play together, do not award experience. It should be possible for five friends to play together for practice, fun or any other number of excuses. However, for obvious reasons, this should not award experience as a result. This will allow people to have fun and enjoy their experience, while ensuring stat balance is kept. Similarly, if three friends play together and one wants to be the monster, only award experience to the person who is not in the premade party.
  2. Limit hunter teams to three matches against any monster player. Afterward, note who played with who so that the monster player does not come back into the rotation with at least two hunter players of the same team. As an added bonus, matches can be best-of-three with the winner(s) getting additional experience.
  3. Add/subtract a percentage of experience for level difference between monster and player. Make this a maximum of ten percent, one percent for each level difference. For example, if a monster is level 13, and one of the hunters is level 10, the hunter would receive a 3% bonus increase after all other calculations, and the monster would receive 3% less experience for any experience calculated against that player. (Of course, percentage formulas should be experimented with, to find the best balance.)
  4. If the rotation of available players is small, enforce diminishing returns against experience for each match against the same opponents. I’d imagine if the same players are going up against each other repeatedly, unless the matches are close every time they’ll disembark anyway. But this will prevent players from trying to stat pad at non-peak times, when the rotation may get them matched up again with the same person.

I hope these suggestions are received well. I know that the game is only in Alpha, but if this wasn’t being considered, I’d like to see that this makes it to the developers, for the fairness of all players involved.


You are wrong :smiley: .5-man parties are not allowed.If people are playing 5-man friends is because of a bug.There are not allowed to online matchmaking to play as 5.This will only be allowed at custom games in launch.


Easiest and quickest way to make sure I never pay money for this game. If there are unlockable usable in-game features, I better be able to unlock them by playing with friends, which is literally the only way I want to play the game.

As for the other suggestions, I really don’t have a strong opinion because I don’t care at all about global leaderboards. Someone else’s stat padding does not affect me in the slightest; the only stats I might ever care about would be stats tracked solely among my community.
That said, all of them strike me as bad ideas with the possible exception of #3, and the situation you’re trying to fix there just shouldn’t be an issue once matchmaking has all its kinks worked out. 2 and 4 seem like they’d be punishing a lot of people who would just be trying to play the game, just to try to penalize the handful of people who aren’t playing the way you want them to.

EDIT: Also, this: Players In Party Locked Away From Monster


I don’t think players should be punished for this - matchmaking is out of everyones control. The point of unlocks is to reward players for time invested, there should never (imho) be a situation where an equal amount of time/effort is applied, but a lesser amount of reward is given, especially when it’s outside of anything you can do as the player.


As i said yo.Playing with 5-man friends will only be available at custom games.Custom games won’t award you with anything other than fun.In matchmaking only 4-man parties are allowed


MacMan stated that custom games will allow unlock progress.


Yeap read that too.I guess they changed their mind because from older posts it was clear that nothing would be earned from custom games.W/e