How to make evolve better


evolve is getting weak right all the hardplayers are stopping with the game because there is noting come something new if there come a new gamemodes like something ground war or something that you are playing 3 monster against 12 hunters who all workst together that sude be epic. and make the hunters and the monsters more like the meteor goliath skins {like hyde with a blue flamethower} only than on all the hunters and monsters with no extra damage just normal that is balances because that is bullshit OP goliath in the game. and that will bring old players back to the game. so long story short new gamemodes and skins with somethings else for abilty thanks for reading it


Reading this title, I already know this is gonna be a popcorn thread.


The weather report calls for a heavy shitstorm. Bring your umbrellas.


Don’t see why that name is relevant to your suggestion.

Holy imbalance.

Monster and Hunter variations are already confirmed.

Nothing will bring people back once they decide to stop playing.

Skins are plentiful and more will continue to come out.


Oh dear God my popcorn is empty…

Hold on don’t start yet!


I was waiting for you to hop on here and say something about the 3v12 mode suggested lol.

But towards the OP now…
To all of this no. Ground war? This isn’t call of duty…


I’m pretty sure Gorgon is coming out soon. Jack came out in August. M Goliath came out mid September, so I think new stuff is still coming out.
No 3V12.

I’m also sure Blitz Markov, and Rogue Val were teased quite a while ag…

You are now my enemy for the rest of time.

Um. How about no. I think a majority would much rather play as something that changes the effects of a character rather than something that just changes how they look.

I literally have nothing to say to this.

I’m pretty sure that what you suggested won’t bring back old players.

Oh crap.
Sorry @10shredder00
No I’m not.



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Get ready for the regulars to rip you a new one. I’m sorry in advance.

Pretty ashamed people get treated like this. \Shrugs.


Man, do I love reading a long-ass sentence with spelling mistakes, no commas or periods, and bad grammar. It makes your statement look so professional and well thought out.

Now for something that is not sarcasm, no.

No to you and no to this thread.


Guys, Don;t let this devolve into a

as gamer puts it. Make it a civil discussion.

That has nothing to do with it. the regular title just means that we spend more time here than is healthy. :stuck_out_tongue:

MAke it a civil discussion people.

also, constructive criticism OP, put more punctuation in the post, was a little hard to follow tbh.

the 3v12 idea has popped around for a while but won’t happen because it would be woefully unbalanced and unbalanceable because of all the stupid stuff going on like amped obitals and tons of healing (lol, imagine all the assaults focusing on one monster, dead in 12 seconds flat) trappers ccing said monster so it just has to take it.
ya, that is only ONE problem that could arise.

The skins you talk about could be future adaptations, you never know :wink:

Meteor goliath is actualy weaker than regular goliath. Longer cooldowns and less up front damage.

Skins are the part of the art dept. job and they are working on them. However, they haven’t been doing as many because (I SUSPECT) they have been working on the new monster and the release of her.


It is perfectly healthy.
Right ;-;


Not if a 1hr hw assignment takes me 3 hours since I am 100% distracted by the forums.

RIP my grade ;-;


I think it’s hard to take this thread seriously when it looks like the OP just quickly mashed this into their cellphone keyboard before heading over to their pre-calculus class.


I wish not to insult OP, but…did you even think about this? Have you played evolve in the last year? Nothing about this makes any sense and I’m almost certain this guy’s a troll.


HE could be, but he could not, I’ll reserve my judgement until there is little doubt.


I don’t think the dude is a troll. I think he just wanted to make a topic as quickly as possible for whatever reason. Or he could be 8, who knows.


We get it, you’re an adult.


I’ll bite. TRS is a small studio and Evolve was built on CryEngine. What’s this mean?

  • anything but 1v4 is very unlikely to ever happen under this release
  • it isn’t moddable because they don’t own rights to CryEngine
  • there are a slew of bugs that need addressed - this hurt the game in many ways, and some will never really be fixed. I peeked into their dev process once upon a time. Be glad the game runs.

At this point, I don’t think there’s any “fixing” it in the traditional sense. The only salvation would be if they keep making content/fixes and ultimately balance the characters, thus the game. Once it’s selling for $20 all content included, the revival may come. By this I mean it may have over 1000 players prime-time on PC, so you can find matches without the huge wait times.