How to kill Wraith, from a Wraith player


I love stealthy gameplay, so obiously I always play as wraith and I am going to say that i’m quite a good player with it, it happens sometimes that I can reach level 3 without being seen.
So a lot of people says that wraith is OP, I partialy agree but there is way to take it down quite easily so I made a simple list on things that you can do to defeat me.

Play as Maggie

If you know how to use Daisy, it is a big pain in the ***, I feel that nobody knows how to use her since she can spot me when I’m hiding and the hunters always ignore here, her body language tells a lot about the monster’s. When the monster is nearby the icon above her will change to red and she will look in the direction of the monster, make sure to dome at this point. Griffin can be also useful with the sensors but I always find myself to trick them and hide when they run to check where I’m at.

Play as Bucket

UAV is also a pain in the ***, scince you can easily spot Wraith when she is hiding somewhere, you will most likely spot her when she is around.

Use your map

Use your map 100% of the time as you can plan to trap the monster and predict its path, very useful and you should always use it especially as a trapper.

Don’t throw a dome

That’s very important, noob tapers always get the dome out when they immediately see Wraith, DO NOT, it’s a decoy, if it attacks you for no reason, it is a decoy.

Check the Bushes

I am always hiding in the bushes, if you feel the monster should be near, shoot in the bushes especially when Daisy has a red icon above her, since I am always hiding there.

Look behind you

Hiding behind corners and the hunters keep running past you is something that happens often, look behind your back when I am escaping as I can be most of the times sneaking around and go to a complete another direction.

Look for these hiding spots

I have lots of awesome hiding spot in different maps to get away of a sticky situation, not a lot of hunters knows about them, so there are few example.

On Aviary (yes it does work)

On Orbita Drill

On Rendering Plant

On Weather Control

Search the dome

If you trapped the wraith and you can’t find it, I am hiding somewhere, mostly in bushes (again) or somewhere behind a rock on the outer ring. And again check your back as I will always run to the opposite direction that you guys ran to when the dome runs out (you can do traps like that BTW).

Someone has a awesome thread

it’s more general but It is very usefull

Is wraith OP?

A little, her attacks are balanced but it has too much health for a stealth monster, if it has one less health bar at each stage it would be perfect.

So yeah I hope I helped you guys kill that bad girl.


Y u no fight wraith?
The unofficial tips/strategy thread

Or pick cabot and lazarus and call it a day
Can’t do extended fights
and hit and run will have no effect

And the reason no one likes her is because she is frustrating and annoying to play against
The only reason people don’t just sit at the power relay while you stage up is so they can damage your health a bit.

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Or you can just leave and save yourself 10 minutes of boredom.



I always dislike the ‘Pick x character’ excuse, especially seeing as this is essentially blind pick. You’re telling people to main Maggie and Bucket in the off chance you go against the wraith.

Apart from that, the rest of the points are pretty useful. I’ll try to keep them in mind, especially the bushes and the hiding spots. I usually withhold using the dome anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with her being slightly OP. Her stealthiness is fine, I feel like she does too much damage, and/or is still too tanky for how slippery she is. Reeling one of those, or both of them, back, would make her a lot more manageable.



You sound like a very slow-moving Wraith from those counter ideas.


When I play Wraith, eschewing Decoy to be less lame, I go for quick combo kills at Stage 2.

Most of the time I get them - just end the fights faster.



I am indeed, I play really stealthy and rounds usually goes up to 20+ min



Pretty much this. I don’t need strategy for dealing with the wraith, I just don’t deal with the wraith.

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Sounds horrible. I’m sure you’re very good, but I never ever want to be in the same server as you. :smile: If you’re on PC let me know your handle so I know to quit early.



LOL I had entire teams who rage quits only because they haven’t saw me all game…



I’m glad 20% of that server had an enjoyable experience.



Cabot is far better than Bucket against Wraith. He can apply damage the quickest, instantaneously and at any range within line of sight which for a Wraith is a nuisance. Dust tag the arena and you get 20 seconds of wallhacks that will reveal the typical cowardly Wraith instantly and start rail gunning away.

Sure, Bucket has his UAV but his Missiles are terribly slow, aren’t that strong and his Sentry Guns don’t guarantee they’ll be within range and Wraith is so speedy they won’t get enough damage unless the Wraith is dumb enough to stay in the area.



Cabot never gave me a pain but I can see how it can be usefull in Level 3, it just happens more often that I am spotted by Bucket with his UAVs and get domed in an instant cause I’m hiding near


you know I can still do that same type of gameplay with the Kraken (hidding in bushes etc) and once did it with Goliath but the wraith just works better



Cabot is useful in all stages. Most Wraiths will try and hide, Dust Tagging and Rail Cannon hard counters that which Bucket can’t do and that’s the crucial part in the Arena fight which is to apply damage quickly.



I never played Cabot anyways…I can’t really tell, I’m just speaking from my experience as Wraith



It doesn’t matter if you can follow with daisy or track with bucket, you can’t catch it unless the player messes up. You should always be able to get to stage 3 as a wraith without any contact with the hunters.

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Being an experienced Wraith player, I know what SuperL0rtie is talking about, as I manage to hide in plain sight as the Wraith blends in with most enviroments. It is true that Maggie is the best trapper when playing against the Wraith, as daisy will track you to your exact location, and that you should never throw out the dome on the sight of the Wraith as it will most likely be a decoy. I suggest when playing against a Wraith, you should have a team of Hyde, because his flamethrower will reveal an invisible Wraith. Maggie, as daisy will track the Wraith constantly. Cabot, because if daisy finds the Wraith or you manage to trap it in the dome you can use his dust tagging to find and track it. And finally Lazarus, this is because he can revive dead allies, but also because he can stealthily create weak points on the Wraith.

Also take in mind that most Wraith players will start a game with the decoy ability, so watch your backs.

I hope this information helps you kill any Wraith in future battles :slight_smile:



This is the exact reason people hate wraith

Anti-fun monster

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yeah I agree…

But I can still have the same type of gameply with the Kraken



You lost me saying daisy is any good against wraith. Daisy takes ages to find you inside the dome and maggie cant counterplay any of your abilities.

Griffin on the other hand can melt your face with a harpoon, can almost guarantee a dome once within 30m of you with line of sight and hard counters decoy.



dude daisy doesn’t take long at all she points at the monster at all times, it is up to the hunters to understand that.