How to kill time when queuing takes forever


Play at two in the morning alone, turn off lights, open your windows and watch Lazy Masquerade videos.

One of the playlist.


Play Hunter


No thank you.


10,000 players and still takes 20 minutes to find games.


My personal favorite on the playlist is the volume 5 video.


Yesterday it was actually taking a while to find a game as hunter. It was 3am though.

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10,000 means that if more than 2,000 are queuing up for Monster, you’re gonna wait a while sadly.

They were saying on both platforms it’s taking a while as Monster.

As Hunter, IDK what’s going on for some people, so far I’ve had no issues.

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Elevator music in the background is generally fitting.


I’m so incredibly torn between listening to this and curling back up in bed to cry over the face on that thumbnail. :worried:

Maybe I’ll listen to one or two and then go back to Key & Peele for happy thoughts…


Or you could just do what everyone else does and not do that

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The 1st story in Vol. 5 is like creepy af

I just watch vids in my subscriptions.