How to kill the last few days of waiting for Evolve


My plan is to do two things:

Watch Press Streams and take notes and Monster Movie Marathon

Go into Twitch and look for Evolve press streams. I believe there are even some PS4 press streams up now, but I’ve been watching the PC streams for a couple of weeks now.

Maniacsquirell is a TRS dev who worked on the monster art/textures and streams just about every night. You will learn a ton by watching this stream. He mostly plays with the guys from TrS (Team Redundancy) who are also really informative and fun to watch. TheGuidance and Maddcowqq are other great streamers to keep an eye on.

As for movies:
Last night I watched
I love this one, I know its not the most popular Godzilla, but there are plenty to choose from.

Today on Saturday my queue is:

Might even toss in ‘The Relic’ for old time’s sake. Only reason I put the Predator collection up is I’ve never seen Predator II

Feel free to add your suggestions.


Are you fcking kidding me?Yesterday i watched Godzilla and right now i’m downloading Pacific Rim.

Where the hell are the cameras in my room?


Pacific Rim, so good.


Honestly what’s not to love in giant monsters vs giant robots with good graphics and actuall fights.

Pretty sure Godzilla would be amazing also if they actually showed the fights between Godzilla and the 2 monsters.Everytime they started fighting the movie was ending the scene showing us what happened next.

This is Godzilla in a nutshell


im playing BF : Hardline
the overall game is eh/10 and seeing as i wont buy it im actually suprised i enjoy certain aspects …

-cough- magnum ammo -cough-

and then there DAC …


I’m playing Darkest Dungeon and Destiny. As is a substantive percentage of the Dev Team.


I’d be playing Darkest Dungeon as well, but I spent my current game budget on upgrading to the PC Monster Edition. :smile:


@Butts get on Hotwire mode and ride a bike.Those physics are the best i’ve ever found.I’m still playing it just to ride their bikes.


I’ve been rock climbing lol, i find if i do to much game related stuff it just makes me mad that i dont have evolve and time goes slower, I’ve been trying to do shit that takes my mind off it :confused:


If you have not played the Evolve Hunter’s Quest, I would suggest doing so.
It will save so much time in the long run.

Every time you ace all the mastery options on a character, it saves you about 12 hours of grinding to rank up all their skills to 3 star.

Because 1 star is supposed to take 1 hour, 2 star 2.5 hours, 3 star 5 hours. So cut all that in half. And each character has 3 skills to rank up.

So 12 hours per character x the characters you like to play as = a lot of time saved.


Welp there is a tournament on Dota going but its over for today.
Gues its time to boot up dota and get yelled by russians

Wish i had a good cellphone


I’m in the middle of Batman: Arkham Asylum… plus I got Magicka: Wizard Wars to tide me over.

Also, prepping for Day One. I plan on buying a huge amount of cookies and eating one every time somebody tells me to.


Yeah I’m working on the level 3 mastery unlocks atm, which are well worth it imho.


Great minds think alike, maybe we’re drift compatible.


I’ve been editing sounds together and making funny things.

Somebody help me…


My old standbys are getting me through. LoL, WoW, a little bit of Star Citizen: Arena Commander. In times like this my wallet starts getting into trouble as I tend to get impulsive and buy new games just for something new.

Oh, and Hunter’s Quest, of course.


Yup, LoL for me as well. Also Dying Light is quite good, been playing around with that still as well.

Occasionally start up the preview build of Evolve but don’t worry, it’s not all that great by yourself. So I’ve been kind of avoiding it, lol.


Good to see another Citizen! See you in the Verse Rook.

I might have to boot up some more AC, I’ve been letting my racing skills fester.


I think if you ask them really nice they might give you a press release.


Why oh why did they have to ruin pasific rim it would have been perfect expect they had to put some really lame stuff in the movie i almoust stopped watching when he pulled out the sword.