How to Kill Kraken


Kraken players beware. Your reign of terror Ends NOW.
I’ve started working on a new series thats sepecifically for new players, and middle range players.
I will eventually lead to the more advanced stuff, but i figured, Lets start with some basics. :slight_smile:
If you have any topics you want to see covered, let me know and i’ll start making a list :slight_smile:

Post your Videos here - How to win against Kraken / Kelder and Gorgon after the Macropatch on all plattforms!

Dodging and roaching, aka how to avoid Monster attacks and for Monsters, what to do against that. Will be curious to see if such a video comes out. :slight_smile:

P.S. Great video by the way, I do believe that positioning each other about 15 meters away should perhaps be standard against all monsters (avoid getting too close), but I already learning a lot so thank you @Seedsy


the Basics:

  • Anticipating monster movements to get that dome
  • Getting the most from your jetpack (in and out of combat)
  • Mitigation basics for monsters


Just a big huge shout of KUDOS to you for doing whatever you can to support and promote this beautiful beautiful game with your tournaments, vids, streams etc.
Here’s to hoping that yours and Grizzle’s promised tutorials after TU09 will help newcoming players catch up quickly to the demanding Evolve mechanics.


Very nice video! Subscribed!



Better hope no one sees this MWHAHAHA


Thx Alex, appreciate your work!!


I think this is awesome. The community could definitely benefit from in depth tutorials like this that don’t cover too much all in one video. It was easy to follow and you didn’t barrage me with too many numbers or over complicated stuff right off the bat, you were well spoken and it was easy to understand what you were talking about from the examples provided. Nice work!

As for questions:

-Lightning strike is a pain to dodge, especially when the Kraken knows what he’s doing. What can you do to dodge more consistently?

-In combat, things are often hectic and fast paced. Mistakes will sometimes be made, but how do you coordinate with the team to avoid dodging into each other?

-I’ve seen the devs say to just have the trapper dealing with banshee mines, but that seems difficult considering you have to focus on cc. Any advice as far as that goes?


Oooh if someone think they can take my stamina recharge Kraken to the ground they are wroooong :wink:

Really nice, love these kinds of videos! @Seedsy


Great video man! :smiley:


[quote=“Terry_Locke, post:8, topic:86089”]
-Lightning strike is a pain to dodge, especially when the Kraken knows what he’s doing. What can you do to dodge more consistently?[/quote]
This is actually extremely complicated and I wanted to wait until my third video. I’ve created a system for my own personal use to help with dodging, however I constantly forget to use it XD
I’m working on making some video aids for that one and i’ll be explaining this one in further details at that time. This can be summarized as: “Use the Terrain”

Well, this is where Line of SIght comes into play. When you move, you should at Minimum, have 2 teammates within Line Of Sight. I believe, we even wrote a Parnell pro-tip about it. Essentially, if you can see 2 of your teammates, and every othermember can see atleast 2 of your teamms, among ALL the chaos, you can communicate and let your teammates know “Laz Go East, Maggie Go West” or any communication system of your choosing. The players will check their compasses and immediately dodge.
One of the key things to remove in communication: Is Choice.
You dont say “Laz and maggie, your too close together” - This will cause confusion
You have to give clear direction on how to handle the situation.

This was actually going to be my next video, this topic is relatively simple, and just like any moba, is about prioritizing. Essentially, you assign 1 person who can take care of them the easiest, however its everyones job.
Until i make that full list here you go:

SMG Trappers
Hank (A destroyed banshee mine saves shield)
Abe, Jack
Slim (Same reasoning as Hank)
Assault (When at range and unable to close in, this is more advanced but is worth the effort)


One question though: How do I get my random pub teammates to watch this and actually follow the advice?


You get more flys with Honey, then vinegar.
There is actually a video on how to do this, although its a different game, the principal is the same.
Essentially, Your teammates in Pub matches, can do NO WRONG. If you’re constructive by reinforcing good play with positivity, your teammates will respond better than if you tell them their mistakes.

Our lord and Saviour, Gaben, even can be quoted “True intelligence is being able to predict the future accurately”. To apply this:
Your teammate is constantly making the same mistake, Tell them AHEAD of time to keep an eye out for situation A. If they mess up, dont yell at them. “Don’t worry, you’ll get it next time”.
Warning: Dont sound Patronizing.
But apply DST, and you’ll be good :slight_smile:



Lately me and my guys tried

Laz Cabot wasteland and blitz against krakens it’s worked for us lately but we get really close every time. It’s all in the medigation and dodges. And health regeneration.


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