How to Juke Daisy Video


Hey everyone. I’ve made a couple videos on how to Juke Daisy, however the first was lost as it was a live stream and not locally recorded. I made another one at the end of Thursday’s Cowmoonity Coaching with Cow session as the chat was asking questions about Daisy and Spotters. Unfortunately, I wasn’t recording that video but I did copy it from twitch. As such, there is some video quality loss and I’m unable to chop the video without uploading it and having bad audio loss as well.

The video shows a bit on how to juke Daisy, but isn’t the best representation as they ended up using Bucket’s UAV to find me instead of the goal of showing how to juke Daisy. Feel free to watch the video here.

I apologize in advance for not being able to showcase Daisy Jukes as much as I would like. I will be getting a good high quality video of this shortly, hopefully within the next few days.

The "correct" way to play a monster?

Which part of the video? And the only shin I know is the ones between my foot and knee also.


It’s in the description. I want to say like 2 hours 46 something like that. The link should automatically go straight there.

Edit: Ya, it takes you straight there and is at 2 hours 46 minutes.


Might be cus Im on mobile. It took me to the beginning. Or my phone is weird.


No worries. Going to 2 hours 46 minutes should take you there.


Well, my phone sucks. It only lets me skip ahead 30 seconds at a time. I will have to check out the rest of it later. I saw the first two matches though.


Is there a way you can change your cursor? Make it bright yellow or something?


I can see if there is an overlay I could put to make it more bright. I noticed that the default cursor in observer mode has a bit to be desired. However, I’m not sure if the overlay would be in the same spot as the cursor in the game. I will try some things out in the future. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


Hey ! How to make this glitchy rock throw ??? It would be helpfull if I can master this glitch :stuck_out_tongue:


I will not explain it. It’s bad enough that I find it hard to not accidentally do it as it is :frowning:


you’ll not explain me… ok then. I hope it’ll be correct very soon. Caus It’s annoying to lose an esl game because of a spammer of this glitch x)


You have a purdy voice


Thanks :slight_smile: That being said, I’m trying to slow down my talking and use less fillers. (Uhhs Umms Like) If you can imagine, I used to talk ridiculously fast when I was younger. I still talk fast for most people especially when I’m excited or passionate about something.


The changes in your voice are noticable from earlier streams.


Thanks. Sometimes I just need a reminder or two :slight_smile: I’'m going to have the chat poke me and hopefully weed it out :slight_smile:


P.S…Kindly skip the, uh, the one Wraith match on Rendering Plant, the Monster players was having terrible latency and played like a scrub because of it…Don’t judge her. >.>



maggie is useless


Bird Person does not agree.


…I missed so many tranqs in this game. ;-;

But it was worth it for the power to make Daisy useless.

So you essentially treat it like a normal tracker’s eyes, right? He’ll head for the obvious prints first and see the hidden ones later.


Yup. It’s easier to know than to explain. But essentially you create a mess of prints in one section and then go the other and/or around. Daisy will head to those ‘loud’ prints and then you just float out the other side :slight_smile: