How to Juke as a Hunter with tips and tricks


How you ever been in a situation where you are the last man standing and your teammates rely on you?
If yes then you probably heard them screaming “RUUUUUN!”.

Here you can learn how to survive 1v1 with monster long enough to let your teammates respawn.


jk pounce Kappa 123

sorry had to :smiley:


Nice video, I love the editing :smiley: 0:55 is just priceless, haha


I’d like to see you try as a different class, without stealth. I juke without running half way around the map. Lol

The monster should have just stayed at the relay though.


@Recrewt Thanks!
At that moment (0:55) in reality I was shitting my pants, running from the monster was really intense for me.
I guess editing doesn’t reflect the tension that was in there :stuck_out_tongue:

@Kaiser Sure, when I get some nice footage I will try to get the best out of it.
About running half way around the map - As you can notice I was barely looking behind me, I was too scared to look and was running away as fast as I could. I decided it’s a good material to edit a bit, I threw some tips and voila. I know maybe it doesn’t look pro enough, I will try to show some better gameplay next time :wink:


This is inspiring. I am going to make one with val.


When I’m the last one I basically climb up and drop down edges or cut sharp corners. It puts you closer to the monster, but just out of reach. It can REALLY annoy the monster player too, which may throw off their game. It takes practice though. I remember running from a goliath and he was right behind me, but unable to catch me. I would wall climb and when I noticed he beat me to the top I let myself fall back down. He’d go down and I’d go up and fake like I’m jumping off and climb back up. I know he was mad as hell. The guys on my team were dying of laughter, but seriously it works well.
If you’re Maggie you can leave a trail of harpoon traps to slow down the monster and annoy the crap out of him.

Hey, people could put what they do as the last man standing here and pass the knowledge on.


Hahah, that was nice. Though I’ve seen better, in games I played. Too little cloak, IMHO. Observer mode is going to be great :smiley:


I don’t get it
why would you need this video?
You run as soon as the assault dies and can’t be revived
or 2 players are ripperino in pepperino and the monster is not low on health or you don’t have lazarus.

By the time the monster kills one of you the other is 150m away
Also what if the monster just trys to cheese the relay?
instead of chasing you? and you had the movement speed perk so you made this look easy :^(


I am not sure if he had the movement speed perk or the video was sped up. It looked like the timer was going faster too.


Don’t ever hide, smell will find you.

Spots like that could get you killed. Good thing you had cloak. : P


It’s awesome this video inspired you in any way,
It looks like there is a need for juking / kiting videos and guides so give it a try!

To clarify I had a movement speed buff and the perk was health regen, but the clip wasn’t edited in any way except adding the subtitles and overlaying animations.


Here is me trying to juke as Val

It actually spans two clips, here is the rest


LMAO that Goliath struggled a bit :wink:


I have made another video in the series, if you did like this one you will surely like the next one!


a good rock throw would end thid pretty fast …


He said, using a character with a railgun, cloak and health regen.


Just to let anyone following this topic I have posted my next video in the series.



Heads up. A wild new YouTube video appears! :smiley:


After a bit longer than usual break I wanted to let you know that I have uploaded a new clip.

Below is the topic with the video, if you would like to post a suggestion or comment please do it there: