How to Jackal?

The current sticky doesn’t offer anything of use, unfortunately. Just to make sure I understand the nuances:

Repulsor can only manage 1 block before it’s out of juice, 2-2&1/2 if you run double capacity.
Repulsor must be fully recharged before it can be used, no partial application
Pistols have the weakest dps of all Trappers
Survey Satellite has good range and duration, deals 1 bar of damage

What am I missing? All the Monster has to do is turn 90 degrees to make Jackal’s control power useless. I want to be all like ‘FEAR MY STING’, but playing him feels like ‘meow’ :frowning:

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@Terepin I summon you!

Moves to watching

Eats a bag of nachos… wait whut is going on right meow…
Ive nver been able to Jack… hes my worst trapper times 100 to the nth power of potato… not that this means anything to anybody. but yeah…

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I’m not sure this will work as well in Stage 2 but this is what I do in Legacy. Nearly always be using the pistols, as you said they’ve got the lowest DPS so you gotta be using them loads. When in combat Chuck down an SS whenever you can to maximise the damage dealt. Only ever use the Repulsor on a Monster chasing down a Hunter to give them time to escape. If the Monster is fleeing, don’t bother it probably won’t work, just keep on hammering down with the pistols.
This works for me in Legacy, maybe not is Stage 2 though.

I shall record video for your viewing pleasure.

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Here they are:



The trick is knowing what to block and predicting when that is going to happen.

Pistol are shit. Cute, but shit. Scanner is fun. Not the greatest at tracking, but now that every Trapper has wall hacks…

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No comments?

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Jack is actually my favorite Trapper.

He’s a very good counter to Wraith, Gorgon and the two Goliaths since a lot of their abilities have a forward momentum that you can stop. Usually you want to learn the combo that the Monster is using so you can predict when they’re going to use an ability.

Jack is very much about positioning, similar to Griffin but a little more challenging since you need to be facing or at least about 90 degrees from in front of the Monster to use the Repulsor. It’s a little easier with a Support like Sunny since they can boost you ahead and you can stop him so the team can do more damage when the Monster runs after a dome.

I don’t think it actually does a full bar, it used to do an insane amount of damage when he was first released though. I mostly use the SS as an extra form of damage in domes and never really used it to track the Monster unless they were sneaking/juking pros.

The first Monster obviously over-committed and gave up, but the second was a decent fight. Looks like you’re running combination of Capacity and Jetpack? I’ve tried double-reload, but since his Pistols already have such weak dps, I’m not sure it is beneficial.

I am pleased to report moderate success this evening. Using: Enhanced Celerity, Rocket King, Superior Energy. The only genuine stomping was against Kelder using that new Damage perk set; he dropped Caira with a single Banshee Missle + melee. Besides that, I was averaging 4k on Pistols and enabling a good bit of extra damage from Assault & Support.

Nope. Switch, reload and jetpack recharge.

Why so many can’t use it for tracking is beyond me.

cuz you practice way more than others?
BTW would agility perks work on jack?

Dunno, never tried them.

In Legacy I’d use it to track the Monster, but now I always am right on top of the Monster so there’s not really a tracking use for it.

I’ve only had to use it a handful of times to double check that a Monster doubled back on us.

I have been maining as Jack when it comes to trapper these past 3 weeks and here are my two cents:

Revolvers - Don’t let them fool you, Jack’s primaries are a VERY good damage dealer. Probably on par with Abe’s shotgun because what they may lack in power, they make up for in accuracy. It’s easy to get headshots on the monster thanks to the reticle. They also reload quickly.

Scanner and Satellite - One complements the other here. Jack lacks the means to exactly pinpoint the location of a monster if it is far away. So what you want to do is the following:

  1. Do NOT fire up the Scanner as soon as the team touches the ground. You will still be way far from the monster and you probably won’t be able to see it through the walls. Follow the tracks, the corpses and the broken trees and also keep your ears peeled for noises that monsters tend to make when they use a special move or jump away. Wait to get in a place where your eyes can adjust (yes, that’s a thing) to the darkness of your current position and then use the scanner to 100% make out the monster’s sihlouette through the walls. This also confuses the monster since most people do the mistake of using the Scanner right away.

  2. The Satellite is good for effectively trapping the monster without using the dome. This usually happens because I have found it to be very effective in map cones. Unless the monster decides to break THROUGH your lines, it is gonna end up in the edges of the map. Keep your distance and use it to ping the monster to corner it and wait for your teammates to come in to dome it. Never underestimate the range of the Satellite but also, NEVER use it if the monster is still running in what you believe to be a straight line. As soon as you think the monster has starting drawing turns on the map, the Satellite will tell you where it is. If your Satellite misses, then you can be sure your Scanner will lead you straight to it. Just don’t fire it immediately after your Satellite misses. Give it a bit of time to play with the monster’s patience and once you have covered enough ground based on how far is the most recent footprint, Scan for it.

  3. Keep an eye on the map and have your teammates follow you because with Jack, it happens quite often for you to find the monster and have nobody close to you in order to dome it safely. You are the only one who can interpret the tracks shown by the Satellite and the only one who can see through walls with the Scanner. Abe’s tracking dart, Griffin’s sensors and Gobi, they all show the monster’s position to EVERYONE. Jack doesn’t have that so wait up for your teammates.

Repulsors - Jack needs BOTH capacity perks in order to be an annoyance to the monster (at least in the beginning) but the repulsors don’t need to be at 100% capacity in order to work. With both cap perks on, every jump you block decreases your capacity by 30% and to be a bit specific, the Goliath’s charges are automatically negated. The repulsors can work via lots of angles but all of them include being IN FRONT of the monster. It doesn’t matter where YOU position yourself. If stopping power is what you want, it matters where the monster’s headed to. THAT is what determines your positioning choices.

They also have a ridiculous range. Try being as far as possible while in front of the quarry. Distance has saved my ass tons of times.

Finally, keep an eye for the monster’s animation. You have to learn to predict what’s about to throw at you in order to effectively block it. The best guesses usually lead to monsters getting landed by force, mid-jump :smiley:

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Reads Title

Well see now you go on the second level of Halo 2 on Legendary Difficulty setting and sit on the roofs with a Beam Rifle and one shot the Mastuh Chef as he pokes a pinky around a corner and make player of the Chef go into a tantrum on how full of crap you are.

Oh wait Jack the Trapper.
Uh… dunno how he is on Stage 2 so you only got Legacy experience from my end. Honestly I’m sure it depends on what Monster you’re facing. Goliath, Brohemoth and Wraith have the most trouble with him. The others not so much.

Just need to anticipate when you need to put up a wall to block those leaps and warps. Brohemoth don’t move much but you can make him move far less by keeping him in one place.

OR your teammates need to be not stupid.