How To Install?


How do I install Evolve? Since it has 4 discs (includes monster expansion pack).

I did disc 1 and it installed onto my Evolve: Stage 2, but the other discs have nothing to install on them.

In short: What are disc 2, 3 and 4 needed for?



After I did the first disc and put the two codes into the ‘activate product for steam’ and opt in beta programs for stage 2, still nothing.


Are you trying to install Stage 2 or Legacy?


Legacy version.


Just entered the codes again and it’s now worked (probably reverted the codes in the wrong ones).

Seems I don’t need 2, 3 or 4 discs.

Note: For some reason, I can’t buy anything out of the store or upgrade anything (servers shutdown?)

Real shame.


Indeed, the store shutdown the same time the servers did.

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And do you already have S2 installed?


You can play p2p, but that is all.


Stage 2 I already had installed; was the first one I got around 1-2 years ago.


What’s P2P mean?


Peer to peer.


Forgot to reply to this lol. I guess that means locally? Fair enough.

Since I bought Legacy for PC (already had Stage 2 first), disc 1 was the only one required apparently; disc 2-5 (or 4 I think it was), even though there were more discs weirdly.

I have the Evolve Founder, Evolve - Behemoth and Savage Goliath skin for DLC apparently as well.
Are there any others I missed?

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no no, p2p means that when you are in a game it is a direct connection to other players rather than a server.

So when you load up Legacy, hit NO on the profile to NOT TRY AGAIN and you can get into evolve.

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I’ve heard that Torvald and others are on Legacy, yet I don’t have them (Crow is apparently available in the store, but I can’t access it).

Lastly, Evolve randomly quits to desktop for some reason on some occasions.

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Torvald is part of Season Pass 1 together with Crow, Sunny and Slim. If one or more of those characters appear locked, try to reinstall that specific DLC via Steam.

If that doesn’t work, then there isn’t much that can be done I’m afraid. 2K has sunset the game so I’m unsure if they’ll be able to help.


Ok, just be patient too. I have had other monsters locked on me (*monster player here) and i would come back days later and they would be back. its something funky in the code i think…

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I only have these three; apparently, there’s a blood eagle skin one I don’t have though


Real shame, since I wanted to get some skins, much like Stage 2 (back when it has the store as well).

Wish it was still up, since this game deserves it in my opinion. :+1:

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Save your money for when TRS next game releases called Back 4 Blood :wink:


Real shame it ain’t able to be modded or so, since I loved vs AI on Stage 2 and I wish I knew about this, since then I could’ve played Evacuation online vs AI, oh well.

And yeah, I heard of that; apparently like left 4 dead.
Looking forward to it. :slight_smile: