How To Install?


How do I install Evolve? Since it has 4 discs (includes monster expansion pack).

I did disc 1 and it installed onto my Evolve: Stage 2, but the other discs have nothing to install on them.

In short: What are disc 2, 3 and 4 needed for?



After I did the first disc and put the two codes into the ‘activate product for steam’ and opt in beta programs for stage 2, still nothing.


Are you trying to install Stage 2 or Legacy?


Legacy version.


Just entered the codes again and it’s now worked (probably reverted the codes in the wrong ones).

Seems I don’t need 2, 3 or 4 discs.

Note: For some reason, I can’t buy anything out of the store or upgrade anything (servers shutdown?)

Real shame.


Indeed, the store shutdown the same time the servers did.


And do you already have S2 installed?


You can play p2p, but that is all.


Stage 2 I already had installed; was the first one I got around 1-2 years ago.


What’s P2P mean?


Peer to peer.