How to incorporate your hand drawn art as a background


As the title says, I was thinking about drawing my own background and logo and then use it for my Youtube and Twitch channel (which I am still working on, just didn’t had a lot of time for it the last months).

That being said, since I know there are a lot of artists and Youtubers/Twitchers here on the forums, I was wondering if anyone knew if this was possible, how to do this (and if it is a good idea).

I thought perhaps colouring whatever I drew on paper with Paint to make it more visible to see (in case the scan isn’t too great). Although this would be quite time consuming, not to mention how to make it so it works on certain resolutions.

Let me know your thoughts, it would be very much appreciated.


Paging @ToiletWraith and @skills4u2envy

I wouldn’t recommend paint myself, something like PaintTool SAI would work better for you.


Or Paint.NET. I use pdn myself to create my old logo on the forums:


I’ve used GIMP ( to create the logo I currently have on my Steam profile (check my forum profile for link) and twitch profile and background banner.

But the logo was created based on another logo, and I would prefer to draw something myself to avoid any possible copyright infringment:


You can sketch out something you want and if you have a scanner, adjust the size/resolution you want it to output the final scan.

That being said, professionally you would use Adobe Photoshop for the bg and Adobe Illustrator for the logo. It’s nice to create a logo that’s a vector (.eps/.ai) so that you can resize it to whatever you need without it losing detail.

They both have free trials if you want to try them out at least. I’m not very good with giving advice on other free programs since I’ve always had Adobe around because of my mom’s photography.


That’s good to know. Although I would perhaps do my research first for each software before trying the trial. Any recommendations for guides that might be helpful?


I’m assuming you to turn your drawing into something that is digital like my profile picture?
I just use Photoshop, but I’m sure gimp and paint is a good alternative.

In photoshop you can use the line tools and stuff, but there’s also other stuff you can use. Recommend you look them up on youtube. Also check out and maybe leave a like to my page/channel, I did that with photoshop as well.

I also poorly draw this and just used photoshop later on to make it, if you have a digital printer you can easily load the image into psd.


Vectoring with Adobe Illustrator is always the way to go with backgrounds and logos.
I would recommend looking into Illustrator.


Would you suggest adobe illustrator over photoshop?


Illustrator makes vectors. Vectors are basically math equations that can be exported into images at any resolution. With logos, you want to be able to produce a quality image at any resolution, which vectors can do.

Photoshop is more for editing rasterized(fixed resolution) images and can be used to draw rasterized images from scratch as well.

So in your case, Illustrator is better.