How to implement a burrowing monster AND the "Host" archetype


The devs have confirmed that the game’s engine cannot handle a monster going into the ground, as if to burrow. Most likely, we cannot have a burrowing monster because of this. The Host was also scrapped because AI minions were just a pain in the ass for all parties. I, however, think I’ve found a solution to both of these problems.

Let’s look at Bob. If you look closely, he doesn’t actually curl into a ball. Instead, his model is replaced with the ball as a lava effect distracts you from the change so that you don’t even notice that the model is changed. The same could be done with a burrowing monster. Let’s say it has spines on its back; or, if need be, just a single spike, which would ease animation. For its traversal, the monster appears to faceplant as dust flies everywhere; when the dust settles, only the monster’s spines are visible, with some dust clouds following the monster’s movement. The spines are their own model; there’s nothing actually beneath the ground.

For the Host archetype of monster, only one ability would create minions; maybe two. The player could manually select a target for the parasites to fly at; then, upon activation, the parasites seek out the target. Alternatively, the parasites could be part of an ability where they swarm around the monster, protecting it and attacking whatever comes in range. If there is to be a second ability with minions, it would be similar; but this could be a single parasite that explodes.

These traits would be neat if they were part of the same monster. Two hunters, one Goliath rock, so to speak. The purpose of this thread is just so that, if the devs decide to make another tier, they have ideas to help them implement things they had to scrap before and which people have wanted to see. I may be horrible wrong about these solutions, though. I’m no game designer, and I don’t really know how the engine works.


I think the main issue with a burrowing Monster would be that so many loadouts require line-of-sight in order to work. Even if it was a model change like you suggest, would the weapons still work?


Define “loadout.”


I’d assume guns or abilities in the characters’ kit.


What happens when the monster traversals over a cliff?


I don’t think that the visual representation was the problem with burrowing, it’s more the gameplay implications.

There’s a lot of things that wouldn’t work, but for one, think of how people hated not being able to find Wraith back inthe day. Would you think that a monster that disappears to be hidden have a good reception among hunter players? Would it even be fun to do it?

Besides, and don’t take offense from this, about these design choices, I trust more the know-how and experience of the devs than the opinion of someone from the forums who, as far as I’m concerned, hasn’t worked for the game or as a professional in the gaming industry (do correct me if I’m wrong).



Pretty much exactly what I had in mind- And this is one of the parts that I Think would be the trickiest to actually bring in, in a way, that visually looks appropriate for evolve- Without it being amazingly buggy.

How far over the edge of the cliff will the monster “spawn” in?

What happens if the cliff face is “small”, no taller than a hunter?

What happens if…


You want Damage Mitigation, because this is all that Monster will do.


It was just a suggestion made in the hopes that we might get to see this someday. The visible fin above the ground would be fairly obvious, and the monster could only stay underground, moving or not, for a limited time. It would be difficult to just sit there and let the hunters pass.

Also, the devs stated that the game could not handle a monster being underground. My idea means that the monster isn’t actually underground, but it looks like it does, and that’s what’s important.

@Sidewaysgts The monster cannot travel within a certain distance of a cliff while underground. It must surface to do so.

@TomsMeatPlatter Sorry, I don’t follow.


Think Wraith and Decoy. A common thing was pop Decoy and run around the dome. Monster Burrows, then is gone. Over and over again to mitigate damage in domes.


The monster would still be able to take damage underground. The purpose of burrowing is to be faster and more agile.


But how? I mean, if it’s underground and only its fin is sticking up, what do the Hunters shoot at to damage it?


I’m all for randomly shooting at the ground, but I don’t think that’ll work


I’ve also wanted a burrowing reptile-like monster. (If Slim wasnt a Basilisk Soldier it could be called “Basilisk”). But some good point have been made here. Maybe the fin could be the critical hit point on the monster (like a headshot). So although being underground would be sneaky and fast the tradeoff would be potentially taking a greater amount of damage from skilled hunters with decent aim.


I like the idea. The only problem is, what would show up when the monster has the yellow outline from Crow, Cabot, and Val? If there isnt anything actually under the ground, it would only highlight whatever is sticking out.


Also, the fin or spines would retract when out of the ground and the head would once again be the target point for critical hits.


This… This is actually really smart. It’d be easy on the game, too. I like it. I like it a lot.


Alright, barely read this comment, and although I said this was perfect earlier, this is my only complaint. Didn’t even think about this. Smart thinking, Fishy.


@TomsMeatPlatter The fin (or perhaps a row of fins) is a rather large target. Also–and this may or may not be another technical problem–when the monster moves, there’s a cloud of dust over it. This cloud can be fired upon to deal damage. The monster also cannot fight while underground, so burrowing won’t help it that much in a fight except for mitigating a little damage which, even then, won’t be much mitigation.

@FishyG23 The fins are highlighted, but they are still visible.